Saturday, November 1, 2014


You know how some days are just those days?

Today was one!

It's late.  So, I'm gonna keep this short.

Projecting with the Man in Charge today.  Not my project.  His project.  It has not gone well.  For one, we found our problem to be much larger than we had expected.  For another, we go at things completely differently.  I'm going to leave out a lot of the details here, but we made two separate lists.  We took our lists to Home Depot.  We shopped.

They were playing the song Reunited by Peaches and Herb.

So cracked me up.

We were not united, nor were we reunited.

We came home.  We unloaded the truck.  We started working.  We very quickly found out we were in bigger trouble than we thought.  This led to a lot of discussion.  Some calm.  Some heated.  This led to a break.  A break inside.  In separate rooms.  We then went back outside to have more discussions.  This resulted in a new list.  Only one this time, and a trip back to Home Depot at 9:00 pm.

They were playing the song Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees.

So cracked me up.

We came back home...alive.

My favorite brother is coming over to give us a hand on this project.  Once we made it back in the house, I slipped off my work boots and opted for a pair of running shoes.  I then proceeded to run back and forth in my house vacuuming and what not.  All I had left to do was run to the barn and feed, set the coffee pot, and hit the sack.

I ran to the barn.  The barn, where earlier the Man in Charge had pulled some trim work off the exterior and thrown it in the isle way.  Said trim was in a pile with all the nails still in it.  As I ran through the barn, throwing hay and getting the horses ready for the night, I tripped on said trim.  As I tried to catch myself, I stepped on a piece of trim with precision aim.  I say this because two nails went right through the bottom of my shoe into my left foot.  I went down fast and hard.  Cussing like you can not imagine.  I actually had to use my other foot to kick the board free from my shoe.  Partly because I wasn't in a position to do anything else.  Partly because one nail sunk all the way in.  Also partly because I couldn't look.

Here is where I would like to welcome all new readers out there to my blog.  This was not my plan for our first meeting, but unfortunately, things like this happen all the time.  Things so ridiculous, I could not make them up if I tried!

So, Welcome!  

I'm glad you stopped by.  It's so nice to meet you.

It is well after midnight.  I am now going to take my throbbing foot, and go to bed.


Where I will spend a brief five hours.

Then, get up, drink large amounts of coffee, and go outside and use power tools.


  1. Hey there, I found you via the NaBloPoMo blogroll.

    Oh dear! I hope your foot is ok and you got an awesome sleep. :) You know, the past 2 weeks have been Not Great from the standpoint of anything that will go wrong, did go wrong, so for me, I have sworn off power tools until better times appear. I did some weeding yesterday and managed to hurt myself without any tools, so I may yet decide to sit safely in my recliner until things get less dangerous. But that will mean I can comment on loads of blogs, maybe there is a positive side to this! ;)

    As part of NaBloPoMo I try to comment on as many participating blogs as I can, and I add participating blogs to my feed reader.

    So I'm just dropping by to let you know I've added your blog to my feedreader, I'm reading you loud and clear, I have a link up going at my place so my readers can find participating blogs which you are more than welcome to add your blog link to.

    Looking forward to seeing your posts, and you'll likely see me drop by again during November.

    Happy NaBloPoMo to you!

    1. So jealous of your recliner decision. Thanks for dropping by, and when I get my head above water, I'll check it out!

  2. It just never ends for you, does it??!! Your poor foot :(

    Music is one of my great loves and nothing moves me more than when a song speaks perfectly to a moment as it is happening. There's something magical about that.

    This is totally weird and random but since I've started my NaNoWriMo novel I've noticed many things - like the songs in Home Depot for you - speaking to what I'm writing. Like one of my characters fell and got a nail through her hand! Perhaps she is your clumsy, (much less funny) doppelganger...

    1. It never ends for me! I'm good now, but it was ugly for a bit.

      I get the music thing. Songs have meaning. Plus, songs take you to a point in your life. There are a ton of songs, when I hear them, take me back to a place or time or feeling.

      As for your character...nothing like a damsel in distress. I think I'm flattered to have another in this world, fiction or real, with similar experiences.

      I'm keeping tabs on your NaNoWriMo. You're doing great! Keep pounding the keyboard.

  3. sounds like you had quite a day. How are you getting a long with the nablo thingy? Hello from a Wordpress user who is trying this challenge out, i found you from the blogher site x

    1. Just one of many days. The blogging is good. I just spent three days without a cell phone signal. I was able to post to my blog minimally, but no cross-posting to BlogHer. I'm updating it now. Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to check out your writing once I catch my breath.