Sunday, November 2, 2014

Because I said I would...

I'm putting a little update out here.

I'm still moving around.  Slower, but still moving.

I did not have to use any power tools on Saturday.  I actually was not able to do much of anything on Saturday.  I woke up and my foot was killing me.  Or, at least I thought it was killing me.  It really tried to kill me when I tried to get out of bed. Walking was very painful.  Sinking two nails through your shoe, and into your foot will do that to you.  It didn't help that one hit the ball of my foot and the other landed on the heal of my foot.  Seriously, what's left to walk on?

We started at 8:00 in the morning.  My brother showed up.  I made coffee and he brought kolaches.  Did I mention he's my favorite brother?  I could move, but it was with a serious limp.  We headed out to the barn, and the men devised a plan.  My only real function was to get tools and equipment needed.  A gopher.  A gopher with a limp.  It was sad.  We worked twelve hours straight, only stopping for short breaks and to grab a bite to eat.

I will admit I was in some serious pain, but I wanted to help see this thing through.  My plan was to go to the local urgent care facility on Sunday, if I felt I needed it, but no way!  They all started nagging and harping on me early in the afternoon. By late afternoon, I was sick of it.  I already knew I was up-to-date on my tetanus vaccine, but infection was likely.  So, I went.  Then, while waiting for a prescription, the team called in need of a Home Depot run.  Hobbling around Home Depot really did me in.  I only needed four items, but they spanned the entire width of the store.

The moral of the story...

My day sucked.

Their day went okay.

We had our first frost of the year that night.

It was freezing and windy all day.

They managed to get a lot done and find a good stopping point.

We managed to finish the construction part of the repair today.

Tomorrow we paint!

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