Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I Feel Better.

Sorry for the rant yesterday.

Not really sure why I needed to get that off my chest in the manner that I did, but it felt good.  Please understand when I say sorry, it's for the manner not the content.  I read that post today and it sort of sounded mad to me.  I'm not mad.  Not even a little bit.  I guess I'm just preparing you for things to come.

If you've only found us recently, you may think this blog is just about beekeeping.  There is a lot more of that in my life than ever before, but I'm not limited to one hobby.  The things you see here over the next several days may surprise you.

Truth be known, they may surprise me.

I have a ton of projects on the back burner, with the holidays right around the corner, time is of the essence. Plus, I've been invited to a party on another bloggers site.  I'm a little late showing up, but I AM GOING TO THAT PARTY!  Check back later and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

I'll even take you with me, if you want to go. 

1 comment:

  1. You didn't sound mad - more like strongly standing on your convictions.