Thursday, November 6, 2014

Let's Party!

Well.  Let's sort of Party.  This is not your usual show up at 7:00, bring your own drinks, let's light a campfire, and eat good food party.  This is an online party.  It may also be more geared toward girls.

Sorry guys.

First let me introduce you to the host.  She's sweet.  She's clever.  She's a writer, a mom, and she lives in Canada.


No worries.  

No passport needed for this trip.  

You can join the party from the comfort of your own home.  

See, I met this chick a while ago.  We just clicked.  We met in the land-of-the-blogging-sisterhood.  It's an awesome place, and we've kept up with each other.  We do our best to make each other laugh, and we support each other.  She's way more technologically advanced than I am, and because she's so clever, she hosts online parties.  She's hosting one now.  Click on the link below.  It will take you to her blog and the invitation.  Go check it out.

SelfBinding Retrospect - Alanna Rusnak

You may have noticed this is the second party in this series.  I missed the first one, but not this one!  I just scrambled around my garage, moving things and organizing things.  All so I could get a couple of photos of my thrifty find.  This find was so was free!  It needs some work, but not to worry.  I have big plans for this little gem.  If things go well, it will end up front and center in my living room.

I'm sort of excited about this project.  For one thing, it is not bee related.  For another thing, it will get it out of my garage so I can make room for things that are bee related.  I've already bought the paint and have looked into my options for new hardware.  Possibly, by the next party, I'll be able to show you before and after pics.

Plus, I already have an item for the next party.

This is a solid piece of furniture...just a little dated.


  1. Oh my! What an amazing find!!! (and such nice things you say - I'm blushing!!!) I love the look of that piece - it's so unique and fun and will be a welcome break from the crazy bees for a little painting fun I'm sure. I can't wait to see the finished product! I love love love painted furniture! Thanks for coming to play at my little party!!!

    1. Thank you! It is one solid, heavy piece of furniture. I hope it turns out the way I picture it.