Thursday, January 30, 2014

Man It's Cold Out There.

I know all you northerners think we are big sissies down here, and you would be right.  I know there is no possible way I could survive a winter in the northern states.  I would go ballistic.  I do enjoy cold weather.  I like to wear cold weather clothes.  I like to make soup.  I like to snuggle under a blanket and read a good book or waste endless hours on the Internet.  Cold weather usually means extra chores where the animals are concerned, but I am just counting that as my work-out because I am not going to run in 8 degree temperatures.

Today started super early for me.  The Man in Charge had an early meeting.  He was out the door at 6:00.  I would normally just go back to sleep, but in the interest of working on self-improvement, I told him to leave the light on and I crawled out of bed.  I proceeded to brush my teeth, wipe the sleep from my eyes, and stumble down the hallway.  It isn't really a stumble so much as a hunched over walk.  It takes the length of the hallway before I am upright and walking some what normal.

What are ya' going to do?

I made my first stop at the coffee pot.  This thing must get going - PRONTO!  Once I had that underway, I realized I was hungry.  Not a usual feeling for myself, but in the interest of working on self-improvement, I know I need to start eating right, and start eating enough to give me the energy I need to do the stuff I need to get done.  I have a bad habit of not eating enough and then just relying on coffee to fill the gap.  It doesn't work.  I know it doesn't work, but I do it anyway.  The coffee just makes me dehydrated.  Being dehydrated just causes fatigue.  This is like being on the loop in a city you don't want to be in, and you keep missing your exit.


I used to describe bad relationships the same way.

Being up at 6:00, realizing that I was hungry, realizing that I am an adult and I do have the ability to do something about that, I made a frittata.

A what?

Frittata or free-tah-tah or another word for an Italian, fancy-pants omelet.  But not really because it is more like a pie.  Almost like a quiche, but without the crust.

You get what I'm sayin'?

It is actually the second one that I have made in three days.  I don't know why I quit making them.  They are awesome.  They are easy.  They are full of good-for-me-things, and they don't make me feel like crap.  Plus, if you have chickens - you have eggs - you may as well be eating them.

Sorry...not meant to be a slam on non-chicken owners.  

Sometimes, I just get so focused on filling egg orders that I forget why I have chickens in the first place.

It was not to sell eggs.  It was to eat eggs.

You can google recipes.  I am sure there are a bazillion out there.  I have some basic rules for a frittata.

  • meat (ground, shredded, chopped, cubed, whatever and better if from left overs)
  • vegetables (fresh, frozen, roasted, whatever and better if from left overs)
  • eggs (not left over)
  • cream (could be regular, coconut, whatever floats your frittata)
  • cheese (I don't normally use cheese, but it is your frittata, make it like you want it)

I take the meat, ground bison this morning and add it to an iron skillet with some fat and onion.
Butter, ghee, coconut oil - just use something that is not trying to kill you.
Then, I add my veggies, this morning I used a ton of fresh spinach (rough chopped).  
While that is wilting, warming, or whatever, I cracked 8 eggs in my mixer bowl.
I dumped in some coconut cream (about 1/2 cup - guessing) and commenced to whip the poo out of it.
Which just means I put the whisk attachment on my mixer and turned it on.
I evened the meat/veggie mixture out on the bottom of my skillet and poured my eggs over the top.
I let this sit on the burner (med/low) until the bottom was set, maybe five minutes.
Then I threw it in the oven at 350 degrees and let it cook about 15 minutes.
When it looked cooked (set), I turned the broiler on until the top was slightly browned.
Keep an eye on it!  You don't want to ruin what you just spent zero time making.

Pull that puppy out and slice it like a pie.


Add salsa on top.

*super yum*

Skip ahead to current date and time...

I started writing this post about noon on Wednesday.  It is now after midnight and it is officially Thursday.  I had a pretty productive day.  I did laundry.  I vacuumed.  I cleaned the barn.  I hauled in hay.  I gathered eggs.  I fed chickens.  I gathered two chickens.  (They were stuck on the wrong side of the fence.)  I started dinner.  I went to look for my cat.  (He has not been feeling well.  I think he ate something bad.)  I found my horse laying down on the other side of the creek.  Colic?  You bet.  The veterinarian left at 10:00.  It's been a long night so far.  I have walked a lot of miles.  It is cold.  I am freezing.  I have to go back and make another check later.  But, what the hey?  I can handle this.

Train as you fight.  Fight as you train.  I know this.  I got this.  I am a critical piece of the puzzle in this battle.  I know that if I do not perform to my utmost ability, I will be letting down the people on my right and the people on my left.


I do not make this stuff up.


L.D.D. - tried your colic cure.  Shot a bottle down his mouth and waited 30 minutes - got a poo.  Still tried to keep laying down on me.  Called the vet and walked for the next hour or more.  We got another poo and for about 10 minutes he looked like he was feeling better.  Then, not so much.  Would have given him more time, but it was too cold and getting too late.

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