Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Not to worry...

There is no cause for concern.  Well, yet.  Maybe later, but we will see.  I don't want anyone alarmed or worried.  I know I dropped a few things on you.  Sorry.  This blog is just about the real-deal.  What is really going on out here on the farm.  I wish it were productive, farm-type activities, and possibly it will be soon.  I just have to spend some time getting my head-space right.  All this pretending things are good is for the birds.

Have I been struggling?  Yes.
Does admitting I have been struggling make me struggle less?  No.
Is this cause for serious alarm?  I don't think so.
Has anything really changed since this realization?  No.

I am still facing all the same challenges and problems.  I am still facing the same ridiculous amount of projects.  I don't believe in cloning, but at this moment, if a super-duper-cloning-machine landed in my garage...I would definitely dive in it.  Thank You, Lord.  We all know that won't happen.

I do appreciate it when He saves me from myself.

I do believe the first step in solving a problem - admit there is a problem.  Pretty sure we covered that yesterday.  The next step is determining where we go from here.  In my opinion, I have to start with the way I am managing myself.  I have to correct the areas of my personality that are failing me at this point.  It will not solve my problems.  It will not make my problems disappear.  It will just change how I am managing myself in the face of my problems.

My first order of business is to start a new Bible Study - TODAY!  Lucky for me, I happen to have five different ones, on hand, at this very moment.  Normally, I would pitch an idea for a study.  Ask if any of you want to join in.  Then, wait until you acquired your necessary materials, so we could all start it together.

can't do it this time.

This may seem selfish, and it is, but I need this like it is medicine needed to save my life.  I am going to have to start taking a little bit of advice from others.  Also, advice that I have been known to give, just not follow...

In the interest of sharing, because even if I am not going to wait for anyone else to participate in this study, I am not going to keep it all to myself.  I have decided to do a study on Colossians by Kay Smith.  It is for women (sorry boys), and it is a 12-week study.  If you live close to me - I have one extra copy of the book.  It is $10.00.  Just email or call me, or feel free to order your own.

You can find the study (HERE).

Top - click Products page.
Left Side - click Women's Resources.
Top - click books.

Scroll down and you will find Colossians Paper Back Study for $9.34 plus shipping (which is minimal).  If you have some time on your hands, I also recommend reading the book The Privilege by Kay Smith.  It is for any woman of God.  It is awesome.

I am not preaching here, just stating what tools I will be using to overcome this hole that is trying to pull me in.  Fight like you train.  Train like you fight.  I won't turn this into a Bible Study Blog, but if I run across something that I find particularly useful, you bet I will share it.  If you decide to join me in this study, I hope we can talk or email regarding it, and - not to leave the boys out entirely, feel free to click the link above and check out the other studies that are available.  Pastor Chuck Smith is awesome and he has some amazing books and studies.  He actually passed away last year, but with technology, all of his teachings are still available.


  1. May this study be the very thing that helps pick you up!


  2. I started this study once before. When I picked it up, I re-read everything. Then reviewed and re-answered week one. Already - SO AMAZING! Plus - A new friend is taking the extra book I had on hand. Literally within 8 minutes of the post going up, she sent me a text asking for the other copy. That my friend, is the POWER of the LORD!

    Not-to-mention, It is after 3:00 am, and I just had another night of drama in my horse barn. I hear Keni Thomas telling me that I am the most important piece of this puzzle. My job decides the success of this mission. If I fail, I let down the people on my left and the people on my right. Then, I hear Colossians - Do all things unto the Lord. My load has not been lightened. If anything, it just keeps getting heaped on. The difference, I was not in it alone, and those words helped get me through this night.

    More on that story to come...Thank you for reading. Love your blog.