Friday, January 31, 2014


They say a picture is worth a thousand words!  I believe that to be true.

I have had a rough few days.  I ended my last post with horse colic.  Would you believe that I had two horses with bad gas colic?  In a million years, I would not believe me.  My own husband would not even believe me.  It was a really good thing that he was the first one to spot the second horse in the beginning stage of colic.  We caught her about 40 minutes after the vet left.  When the Man in Charge pointed it out to me, I got to be the one saying,

Are you Crazy?

That is not possible!

She had shavings all over her.  She had not eaten the hay I had given her 30 minutes prior, and while brushing her off, she got really nasty when we touched her sides.  It took another five minutes and then she hit the dirt.  Once she went down, I immediately called the vet back.  I explained what we were seeing - IN DISBELIEF - he gave instructions and said if I couldn't manage her in an hour to call him back.  Luckily, we managed.  I was not in my bed until 3:30.  I was so cold.  I started to change into some pajamas, then thought better of it.  I fell into bed with all my clothes on.  Almost four hours later, I stumbled out of bed.  Washed my face.  Ran to the barn.

Everyone was still standing. 


All of this sparked a lot of questions.  One horse colic - random and unfortunate.  Two horse colic - what the heck?  We started looking at everything in their environment.  We covered all the possible things that they share and are both exposed to.  There really have been no major changes in their worlds.  The only thing that has been going on in my barn that really has me bothered is the Dust.  I say this because I recently switched to a cheaper shaving.  With a cheaper shaving, they tend to break down faster.  I have two horses that can not go out at the same time.  Someone is always inside.  Depending on what is going on outside - they are inside taking a break or walking circles.  Sometimes, due to weather, they are both inside.  Walking.
The other night I went to the barn to put on blankets and the dust was overwhelming.  I was trying to get Deuce brushed off and he was just a big dust cloud.

Think Pigpen on Charlie Brown.

His stall was dusty.  He was dusty.  His blanket was dusty.  His water was grimy.  I was coughing.  Blaze was coughing.  I just knew in that moment that some things were going to have to take priority out there or I was going to end up with some respiratory issues.

Could the dust be the link to two horses with upset stomachs and a lot of gas?

Not even kidding about the gas.  I sat in my barn, freezing to death, with two sedated animals that were making their own music!

All of this led to an endless list of things that had to be done yesterday.  These things were going to get done regardless of the crazy amount of sleep that I did not get.  I was up early.  I ran to the barn and everyone was standing.  I then ran through the shower and headed out to start my day.  I managed a series of random photos through out my day.  I am going to post them now.

Contest Rules:

  • review photos
  • in your own words, piece together a story that describes the course of my day
  • feel free to recall and involve information that I have given you in prior posts
  • email story to
  • the story closest to the actual events - wins an accuracy award!
  • the most creative story - wins a creativity award!
  • only one entry per person
  • story may be published (I reserve the right to make that decision.)
  • contest ends 2/7/14 @ high noon!
  • it is going to get cold - what else do you have to do?

The prize has not been determined yet.  I was thinking a half pound of honey, but my Full-Timer said N-O!  Sorry.  She is a selfish child.  I am sleep deprived so I do not have an ounce of creativity floating around in my brain.  You will win bragging rights!  This I can assure you.  You may get your story published, so mind your P's and Q's.  

There may be a bonus on top of that.
I make no promises.
If so, it will be a surprise.

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