Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Still Thawing

The sun is out!


This may look fun but...IT IS SOLID!

You can skate on it.  Literally.  I know because I have been doing it.  It is pretty thick, and starting to melt a little with the sun.  That just makes it wet and really slick.  I feel certain that it will be gone by tomorrow.  The roads out here are still a little challenging, but once you make it to the major roads, they are good to go.

For me, it is all about the sun.  I can take the cold.  I can take the ice.  I can not take the gray, dreary skies for long.  A few days, and I am okay, but after that I start to get a little nuts.  The horses are starting to get a little more than crazy, but it is going to be a stretch for them.  Once this melts, it needs to dry up a little before they can go charging out.

The funniest thing to date has been the cat.  He does not know what to do with all this ice.  The other night we let him out to run around a bit, and when we went to get him he was all fired up on crack.  He kept trying to rub up against my Part-timer's leg and his front feet kept slipping out from under him.  He kept at it, but you could tell he was getting mad.  Then, he just gave up and bit her on the leg. 

 Like it was her fault.

He is such a brat at times.  This morning I kicked him out of the mud room so the dogs could eat breakfast.  I then got a little busy and sort of forgot about him.  When I came back through the kitchen he was on the back porch with his forehead pressed against the back door looking in.  It was the funniest-saddest thing I have ever seen.  I am certain he was wishing the maid would wash the dog slobber off the window so he could see in better.

Seriously going to fire that maid when I get my hands on her.

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