Monday, December 23, 2013

No luck!

You will understand my surprise the other morning when I went to the chicken barn and opened the door, fully expecting to find a skunk in my live trap, and instead - NOTHING!  I have no idea how he managed to get away.  He must have been small enough to squeeze himself under the door.  I am however, happy to report that I have not seen the neighbors cat - at all!  I am certain he is trying to recover from a few bruises here and there.

So, here we are two days away from Christmas, and I have no idea where my skunk went.  This concerns me because we had that one skunk that showed up on Thanksgiving morning a few years back.  Who needs an uninvited guest like that?  Certain days are stressful enough.  I need no added pressure.  Just so you know, for me, having a skunk roaming around is like seeing a snake and then running to get the hoe, only to find him gone when you get back.  I hate that feeling.  You know, 'cause then you are constantly looking for it, and every little thing scares the crap out of you after that.  

And, as if all that weren't bad enough, I have a very brazen coyote running around.

I was hoping to tell you the story of his demise, but that story has not been written yet.  So, in the interest of a million things to do, I will just leave you with the link to the Thanksgiving Day Skunk!  If you haven't read it before, you will be very surprised.  Go ahead (Click HERE.)

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