Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know this is a little late, but I felt certain that you were busy yesterday. 

You know, being Thankful. 

I did try to sit down and give this a go yesterday, but it just was not happening.  We were on the roller coaster ride that is Thanksgiving Cooking.  It all started out okay on Wednesday evening.  Everyone was in their usual locations.  The Man in Charge had vacated the kitchen.  My Part-timer was perched on a chair waiting for someone to tell her what to do.  My Full-timer was in full swing...this is her favorite holiday, and I was trying to get the schedule right.

All went well until we hit the pumpkin pie.  We were wanting to try a new twist this year.  Instead of the traditional pie crust we were switching it up a bit.  We were going for a graham cracker crust, but even adding a twist to that and using ginger snaps.

Epic Fail!

It was really doomed from the beginning, and I had a gut feeling, but we went for it anyway.  The crust was a bit challenging for me because I am not usually in charge of such things.  Once we had that going in the right direction, I moved on to the filling.  I grabbed my can of pumpkin puree out of the pantry and was promptly disgusted when I opened it to find a sunken center that was black in color.  I did what most people would do.  I searched for the expiration date - May 2014.  I then promptly started cursing a company that starts with an L and ends with a Y.

Road Trip!

We then made a midnight run to the only store open in the entire world...Walmart.  Can I say?  I avoid this store like the plague.  I don't care for it.  I don't care for what it stands for.  I don't like it.  I only go there as a last resort, and even then, I will do what I can to avoid it.

Once we had our can of pumpkin puree in hand, we ran out the door.


Our crust was supposed to sit in the freezer for ten minutes.  I forgot to take it out before we left.  It was frozen by the time we got back.  Apparently this effects the way it cooks and I ended up throwing the whole pie out when it was all said and done.

Even though we were tired. 

Even though we were missing a pumpkin pie.

Even though we did more dishes than one would think possible in a single day.

Even though dinner was thirty minutes late.

We had fun.

We enjoyed our company. 

We laughed. 

We ate. 

We napped. 

We were thankful.

I don't know what your holiday was like, but I hope you were thankful.

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