Saturday, November 30, 2013

Favorite Holidays...

Do you have a favorite holiday?
I don't think I have a favorite.
My Full-Timer - Thanksgiving is her favorite.  She loves the food.  She says that during the year, if she tries hard enough, she can actually smell it cooking.  When it does roll around, she is in the middle of the preperations, and then can easily eat her weight in food.
My Part-Timer - Christmas is her favorite.  She started singing Christmas Carols before Thanksgiving this year.  She loves the decorations.  She loves the presents.  She always loves to eat. So, Christmas dinner is high on the list.
This year, being the super-mom that I am, I managed to help one celebrate her favorite and then move on into the other one's favorite by doing something that they both enjoyed.
What:  We took a Train Ride.
Where:  Downtown Ft. Worth, Texas.
Why:  The Parade of Lights.
How:  The Winter Whistler.
We coordinated with family and made an evening of it.
It was cold.
It was windy.
It was fun.
Here is a rare glimpse of my labor force.
See how they look happy?
That is because they are not laboring. 

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