Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Some of you may have read my rant from yesterday regarding my feelings for Cancer.  I won't apologize for my mood.  It was dark and it sucked.  I will tell you that I have let go of some of the anger, and have moved right on into the sad.

One problem, the majority of my friends are older than I am.  I don't personally view it as a problem, but I can't ignore it.  When your friends are older, you are going to lose some along the way.  I was in a serious mood about this fact yesterday.  Then a wise woman pointed something out to me.

"It makes a little more sense to lose someone that has lived a full life, then it does to lose a young person with their whole life in front of them?"

This same wise person reminded me that I had experienced that also. 

You see, today's challenge question is:

Tell us about your first friend.

My first true friend was Grecia Ross.  We met in Junior high and our families were very similar.  We had the same family drama to deal with.  We had the same attitude about sports.  We had the same attitude about boys.  We had the same attitude about other girls.  We clicked.  We hit it off almost immediately.  Then we were inseparable.

We gave all the boys in school hell.  We did not put up with any crap from the little drama queen clicks of girls.  We kicked butt on the basketball court, and we ran track like no body's business.  We had each other's backs.  We spent a lot of time together.  We were on the same page on so many different levels.

I really miss that girl!

You see, the summer after our freshman year, her and her mother were in a car accident.  They were hit head on by a drunk driver.  They were both killed instantly.  It was gruesome.  The drunk driver - not a scratch.  The creepy part about that night...I was on a date.  We went to see a band play.  On the way to watch the band, we drove down the same stretch of road.  We could see there had been an accident, but we had no idea who was in it.  The whole night, I just kept wishing that Grecia had been there.  She would have loved the band and the music.  I could not wait until the next morning to call and tell her about it.

My whole life changed that day.

I lost a good friend yesterday.  He was 81.  He had LIVED an awesome life.  If I sit here and compare my feelings...they both suck equally.  I guess I can just stomach one better than the other.

Now, you have to excuse me.  I have to get some tissue.

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