Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thank You.

Things have been pretty serious around here the last few days.  I really want to thank BlogHer for giving me something a little lighter to think about today.  I have a funeral to go to tomorrow and a million things to do in between.  The weather is supposed to be crappy, but I suppose that is alright.  It will fit every one's mood.  I have a list of things to do, but decided to stop and have some lunch first.  I usually have lunch with you guys, so I was surprised when I clicked the computer on and saw the challenge for today. 
The prompt for today:
Describe an outfit that makes you feel good. (It can be from any period of your life.) 
Double points if you post a picture of yourself in the outfit.
This really made me think of two things. 
First, a kindergarten or first grade picture that I have of my whole class.  I was wearing a red sweater and some red, white, and blue plaid pants.
Let me tell you, I was really stylin' in those pants. 
Second, I thought of my absolute favorite running shoes when I was a little kid.  They were black track shoes with three white stripes on each side. 
I would have bet you money that they made me run faster. 
Then, I would have proved it to you. 
There is no telling how many pair of those shoes I owned.  I am sure my mother hated them.  Not a lot of dresses go with black track shoes.  I think I was transitioning my mother out of dresses to jeans.  It was tough for her because she sowed all my clothes.  She was really good at it, too.  It just was not my style.  She finally came to grips with it and just let me wear jeans, but more in one of those *hands in the air* "I give" sort of ways. 
I loved jeans.  Boots and jeans.  Jeans and sneakers.  Jeans and anything else, just no dresses.  If you know me today, you know that not much has changed.  I can get dressy on occasion, but hands down, I am a jeans kinda' girl.  So - I was looking for a picture of my track shoes.  I know one exists somewhere, but I couldn't find one.  Then, I looked for my class picture with my plaid pants. 
No luck at all.
Then...I came across something else. 
It really screams things about me. 
For one thing, I am wearing jeans.  For another, I have pig-tails, and did often when I was a kid.  The other thing it screams about me is how I have always been the weird kid.  When most girls were playing with baby dolls and Easy-Bake ovens, I was playing in Big Rigs.
I believe the guy that owned this truck was named Big Al.  My dad was a welder and when he worked for Big Al, I got to play in his truck. 
You have no idea how many buttons, knobs and switches are in one of these things!
Not-to-mention, the seats go up and down. 
Then, there is that elusive horn that is so distinct in sound.
The horn was usually where I got in trouble.


  1. Throwback Thursday! I love this picture of you and I always have. The look in your eyes hasn't changed. You're still just as fun and mischievous as I've been told you were when you were little. Love you!!

  2. Okay. This picture is about the most gorgeous thing EVER! This is a totally weird request...but could I borrow this photo for the little thank you post/share the love blog award ditty I'm going to write (as you can see, I'm TOTALLY NOT WORKING LIKE I'M SUPPOSED TO BE RIGHT NOW!) It has occurred to me that I don't have the tiniest notion what you look like or even your name - how weird is that??? It's also kind of magical and mysterious and fun. Anyway - this was a fun way to put a face to a 'voice' that's been sneaking into my life a little bit.

    I promise I'm not a weirdo! :)

  3. Too Funny!

    It took me a moment to figure out what picture we were talking about here. I was not really paying attention to the post you commented on. Yes, you can use the picture. I am really curious to read your little blog award ditty now. It is one of only two pictures I have posted of myself. Sorry. I'm weird that way.

    Because I know you are supposed to be working - I will save you from searching for the other post. Pink hat:

    I don't think you are a weirdo, and it's Candi.

    Now get back to work!