Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cautiously Optimistic

Really weird things happening, and I don't mean dreams about crazy Dominicans, I mean this running thing.  I hate running.  I have been looking forward to running.

Can you say contradiction?

I was super excited about running today because I so hated the elliptical yesterday.

Can I ask you a question? 

Why can I spend 30 minutes, non-stop, on the elliptical, but I can only run for 5 1/2 minutes without walking?  Can someone explain this to me?  I even do pre-programmed workouts on the elliptical that run through all the levels...not just doing 30 minutes on level ONE.  Understand what I am saying here?  I am not even trying to run all out.  I am talking about a very easy pace.

I don't get it.

Super excited about running today.  I had to make myself wait until all the work and school traffic had died down.  I would hate to get splattered across the pavement because someone wasn't paying attention.  And, it hasn't been so long since I had to get kids to school that I don't remember how hectic mornings can be.  I always stretch a little, and then walk to get warmed up.

Things were not stretching or warming today.

I even stretched a little more out on the road before I started running.  Running was super painful.  Things were tight.  I just kept at it.  Eventually things loosened a bit.  I know that I ran at least seven consecutive minutes before walking, but I did have an issue with the timer on my phone.  It could have been more, but I can't say for certain. 

I will work on the timer thing because that was super upsetting.

Have I mentioned that I have been looking forward to the cold front coming through?

It came!

I was outside when it got here.

I would have danced around, but the legs are a little wobbly.

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