Sunday, February 19, 2012

More on Perspective

If you live around here, you know we have received a lot of rain lately.  Rain is good.  Living in Texas, you learn to always appreciate the rain.  The downside is the mud pit that is now my planting beds.  I dare not try to do a single thing with them...except wait.  I am struggling to grasp a postive perspective on this situation, but I am still working on it.  I do have a list of other things to do indoors, the real problem is that I am not as excited about those options. 

Digging in the dirt...really exciting. 

I love the smell of good dirt.

An update on my friend, Miss Mary - she is awesome.  I visited with her the other day, and she was explaining her struggles with learning to use her new walker.  Her biggest complaint is that she forgets she has it, and ends up in another room without it.  I recommended placing canes strategically through out her house so that if she gets somewhere and realizes she forgot the dang thing, she won't be left without something to lean on.  Her second complaint about the new contraption is that she won't be able to dance anymore.  This made me laugh.  She goes dancing often.  I pointed out that if she was dancing..."Wouldn't you be holding onto something else?"  This was exactly the pespective she needed. 

I have 52 other projects going right now, all of a more personal, non-farm related sort.  I may be starting to get a little over-whelmed.  I joke about loving it when my plate is heaping, but if I really wanted to be honest, I have tossed the plate and now my platter is obscenely overflowing.  I don't have an answer for this dilemna.  There isn't really any one task that I want to take off the list.  I just keep trying to remind myself that treading water is a really good work out. 

Trying to gain perspective on the topic of perspective can take your mind to really strange places. 

Here is an example:

The other night after cleaning my horse barn, I thought I might clean a little bit of the chicken barn.  It is a task that I have been putting off and I just felt like I might be in the mood to tackle it.  It was after 10:00pm when this mood struck, and that is why I was limiting myself to one section.  I had my phone with me, and that also acts as my MP3 player.  I clicked on the new Adele CD, turned the volume up on the speaker, and slipped the phone into my back pocket.  Once I got out there and switched on the lights, something a little more than odd happened. 

As expected, my girls all got off of their roosts to see what was up.  Then they became very excited.  They were all over the place.  Eating grain from their feeders.  Pecking and scratching in their straw.  Running back and forth from inside the barn to outside the barn.  It was noticably different from what I expected.  I was after all turning the lights on in their world, and for all they knew, it was day time, but this was different. 

Could it be the music? 

I always listen to music when I work.

Could it be Adele?

I ended up staying out there until about 11:30 that night.  I started cleaning one small part, and ended up cleaning the entire thing.  We listened to the complete CD all the way through once, and then started it over again.  The entire time, they kept up the same crazy, over-drive behavior.  Every person that I have explained this to so far thinks I am crazy.  Not too unusual, considering that I have only explained it to the Man in Charge and my Full-timer, but I think the girls really like Adele.  I couldn't figure out why though.  I mean, other than the fact that she is amazing, and has a great voice, why Adele?

Here is where the perspective comes in.  I was working out on my eliptical last night, listening to Adele again, and trying to survive the longest 20 minutes of my day.  I was forcing my mind to think of anything besides the torture of the machine.  Then it hit me! 

Yes, perspective hits me. 

Generally right between the eyes.

The entire Adele CD is about a break-up.  Each and every song is related to a past relationship.  The feelings that have to be dealt with to survive the break up.  The anger and frustation that are a direct result of men.  The rebound relationship that only momentarily makes you feel better.  The future afterwards, and what that holds. 

Why wouldn't these girls relate to this music?

How many roosters have turned out to be mean?

How many have come and gone?

How many frogs do you have to kiss before you finally find your Prince?

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