Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bees, Bees, Bees, and Splinters

Among the many personal things that have been going on in my life, all the non-farm related projects and chores that I have been trying to knock out, I am still doing some farm work.  Lately, my kitchen and dining room have turned into a work-shop of sorts.  I have been busily trying to build my bee hives.  They were purchased as kits, but still have to be assembled, sealed, and painted.  This all has to take place before my next bee class because that is when my bees will be deposited in their new homes.

Why in my kitchen/dining area you ask?  Well, my garage that I worked so hard to organize is now full of all new stuff.  I can barely walk around in there and I definitely can't work in there.  I did have to seal my bee hive boxes out in that area due to the fumes of the Linseed oil that I was told to use.  That was a whole new experience.

Public Service Announcement:  Linseed oil has some very interesting warnings on the can.  Not only should it be used in a highly ventilated area, but the tools used to apply it - brush or rag - can spontaneously combust if not managed properly after use.  Apparently the stuff heats up as it dries?  Just always read the labels prior to using a new product.  We have had no fires to date.  Keep your fingers crossed because I am not done yet.

Here are some quick shots that I took with my phone to show you the progress.

All of the joints have to be glued and nailed.

I have not accidentally glued things together.  I have not hit my hand with the hammer.

This first box went together pretty nicely.  This box will be where the queen lives and works.

The little piece on the front will hold a quart jar, upside down, that will be used as a feeder.  I will feed them a sugar syrup to get them going.

Like I said, no catastrophes yet, but it's early still.  I have picked up more than my fair share of splinters.  I would wear gloves, but some of the nails are so small that it would be impossible, not to mention the glue.  These have been sealed, and I will pick up paint today.  The final product will come soon.

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