Tuesday, February 7, 2012



1. a way of regarding situations, facts, etc, and judging their relative importance

2. the proper or accurate point of view or the ability to see it; objectivity: try to get some perspective on your troubles

If I had found the time yesterday, this would be a post titled Black Cloud.

Why would I do such a thing? 

As of yesterday, I felt like one has been following me around...since December.  I would have wrote about the endless things that have been happening to me, and how it's frustrating me to no end.  I would have told you how I am at the breaking point.  I would have sent out a call to bring in the men with the funny jacket, and please, please, please have them take me away. 

The one thing that stopped me early in the day from writing such a post was the fact that I am tired of whining on my Blog.  This is not a Farm Blog.  It is a Whiner Blog.  Who wants to be around a Whiner?  Not me, and I mean that seriously.  I am sick of myself.  Then a sweet person listened to me ramble for a bit about my Whiner Blog, and I stated that I felt like I have been under attack.  Like Satan will just not get off me.  At the moment the words came tumbling out of my mouth, I realized that at every turn the Lord has provided.  I have not been faced with a single situation that I could not deal with.  Sure things have been frustrating, and things have been expensive, but we have managed each and every time to get them under control.  She just looked at me and said, "Why don't you write about that?"

As of last night, I would have written a post about all the things that have happened since December.  I would have explained the countless things that have broken and needed repair.  I would have explained all the things that have been repaired, and in the process of repairing, all the additional things that have broken. 

That has happened to me more than once lately.

It would have been a long list, and with each number I would have shown you how the Lord has provided.  He has provided either a way to pay for said things, or a way to deal with a certain circumstance, or at times, a way out of the problem.  It truly has been amazing. 

I still want Satan to get off me.  He is irritating.  I still want you to understand that the Lord does provide.  Look for Him and listen to Him.  You just won't see the above mentioned list here.


I have a good friend.  She is not only my friend, but a friend to many.  She is 93.  Yes, you read that right.  She is one of the most social people you will ever meet.  Her schedule is endless, and she is a hoot.  I can tell you the exact moment that she became a fixture in my life. 

We met at a local spot.  It is commonly referred to as The Beer Garden.  For those of you who are from the city, you have to understand that some things are vastly different in the country.  The Beer Garden is actually the drive way of an awesome couple that live in our small town.  During good weather The Beer Garden is open.  There may be four people there, or thirty-four people there.  Everyone brings their own beverage of choice, and pulls up a chair.  It is the local hang out in town.  People laugh, tell jokes, get caught up on each others lives, and in days past, the local police officer on duty was sure to stop by.  Not because anyone causes trouble there, but to stop in with a treat for the dog, and get caught up on things himself. 

No, this is not Mayberry...but it could be close.

If it is on the cool side, there will be a fire lit in the fire-pit.  It was on one of these cooler nights, I was sitting in a chair next to my soon-to-be-new-friend, Miss Mary.  I had brought a little flask of something to help keep me warm, and I asked her if she would like some.  Without blinking an eye, she took the flask from my hand and took a nice long swig.  Immediately she was able to identify the contents.  She then proceeded to tell me of an old friend that used to drink the same beverage with her years ago.  I asked her what happened to him, and she explained that he had died.  She was a little sad as she said it, and the first thing that popped into my mind, came out my mouth,

"How rude!"

She just looked at me and smiled, and said,

"I know!"

She then took my flask from me again, and we have been friends ever since.

This person...This Character...This Friend...This Force of a Woman...went to the hospital yesterday.  She has been diagnosed with cancer.  The news has spread around this town faster than any wild fires of the past year.  As we are all stunned by the news, and shocked by the degree of illness that has taken over her body, we are wondering what we can do for her and her family.  In true fashion, she has stunned us once again.  You see, there is a local spot near here.  A large number of people congregate there on Tuesdays.  Taco Tuesday.  You can get $1.00 Tacos, and $1.00 Drafts.  Miss Mary is a fixture at Taco Tuesday.  She has her one taco, and her one draft.  She visits with everyone, and she loves it.  She is being released from the hospital today.  She put the word out that if she got home in time...she would be at Taco Tuesday.  I love this woman.  She is not missing a beat.  She has lived every single one of her 93 years.  She is not stopping now. 

I have been methodical in my day today.  No hurries.  No worries.  One step in front of the other.  It has been much more relaxing, and I have accomplished more than normal.  No lists for you to read here.  No whining.  The Lord does provide, and Miss Mary knows all about it.  I have to go for now.  There are a few things to wrap up before I head down to Taco Tuesday to see some friends.

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