Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Buried, but Alive

I am still here.  Apparently, I still have slacker tendancies.  I won't apologize for them because I said I would stop doing that.  None of this should come as a surprise to any of you because you really should know me by now.  Here is the run-down of what has been happening...

1.  I had to get out of this screen just now, so that I could go back and see the last post that I wrote.

2.  Sad. 

3.  Made even worse by that fact that I just went back again, to see the date of the last post.

4.  Real sad.

5.  The bottom section of the bee hives (called the brood box), are assembled and painted.  Painted a very nice Martha Stewart shade, Fennel Seed.  Do you think that is what she intended when she came up with her line of paints?  Have I ever told you how much Martha irritates me?  It is a love/hate thing, and I will save it for another day.  Back to the bee hives...they are in the bee yard, at bee school, with bees living in them.  I pick them up next month and drive them home.

6.  I have rearranged several things in the chicken pen, and built three new nesting boxes.  The Golf babies, which are not babies now, are living happily with the big girls.  All of the anxiety of the pecking order has been worked through, and the girls have all been pretty happy these days.  The weather is good, the grass is green, and the bugs are a'plenty.

7.  Once the flock became aquainted with each other, I decided to do a little personal hygiene treatment, and give them all a good dusting for mites.  This took place one morning when I was the only one home.  It took about an hour to catch and dust all of the girls.  The more interesting part came towards the end when I was down to about ten girls.  Being the last ten, they were the most efficient at evasion, and I had definitely put in some time towards my cardio work out.  Never one to shrug off a challenge, with the Rocky theme song playing in my head, I proceeded to catch the final few.  One of the Golf babies was among the group, and when I caught her, she flipped out.  Not being handled a lot by humans, she was certain she would die, and was acting accordingly.  To my surprise, Izzy came to her rescue.  That crazy chicken charged me twice in an attempt to free her little one.  Let me remind you that once Izzy was done with the maternal thing, that was it.  She never looked back.  I couldn't believe she still felt compelled to stick her neck out for her young. 

For those of you who may be concerned, no, she did not literally stick her neck out.  It still attaches her head to her body, and she did not end up in the frying pan.  I may elude to it, but unless the family is starving - won't ever happen.

8.  On the same morning that I spent chasing chickens around to groom them, my neighbor was robbed.  Did I mention that I was home?  Did I mention that another neighbor was home?  Did I mention that no one saw a thing?  This was very disturbing for a number of people.

9.  When I tried to express my concern over the robbery to my Part-Timer.  She laughed.  When I tried to explain my uneasy feeling about the event, she laughed again.  Getting a little more than irritated, I adamantly expressed my concerns, and the fact that when faced with a situation like this, one would only have about 10 seconds to react and respond.  Still laughing, she said, "I feel sorry for the guy that tries to break in our house when you are home, Mom.  You will spend the first couple of seconds trying to figure out what is going on, and the next eight seconds, mad as hell because 'how dare someone' do this to you!"  Still mad at her, I had to laugh.  She knows me well.
10.  I have spent days trying to get may garage back in order.  I think I spent one entire day in the same corner.  I am not done.

11.  Finding a place for old electronics is not easy.  No one wants them.  You can't give them away.  I did find out that Best Buy's Geek Squad will take them to their final resting place.  I will let you know if that is actually true.

12.  When you spend 20 minutes walking around in the dark, calling for your cat to no avail, then hear a large group of coyotes howling all around you...your hair will stand on end.  I held my breath, and prayed that where ever he was, he stayed there.  After going outside every 15 minutes or so, and calling for him, he finally showed up...wet, muddy, eyes huge, and breathing very had.  He now sleeps inside and he knows it.  Dogs be damned, his words-not mine, he has earned his place inside.

13.  In the fall, when you think it is a good idea to plant rye for the winter, don't.  With the rain we have had, I can watch it grow, and it is too wet to mow it.

14.  I want a cow.  I want to raise it and eat it, but I am afraid that I will name it Chuck, and we will own it forever.

15.  I am fascinated with Bulls.  This fascination is renewed every spring when I see a huge bull on one side of the road, and a herd of young heifers on the other side of the road.  You know he is saying, "Hey Baby!  How you doing?"

16.  My Full-Timer and I moved approximately 70 cubic feet of compost this past weekend.  May I add that it was the most gorgeous compost I have seen in a long time.  Yes, I can describe it that way.

17.  I spent time running my tiller, and again was impressed that it started.  However, by day two, it decided it didn't want to run continuously.  I am putting it in the shop this week.  This scares me.  I am always afraid that if I put it in, it will never come out.  Have I mentioned that this farm is poor, and we can not afford new equipment.

18.  I have seen my chiropractor already this season.  He works on a barter system.  Eggs, honey, tea, etc. = full spinal adjustment.

19.  March Madness is crazy this year.  Have you watched any of the games?  My bracket is a wreck.

20.  Every year it is my job to get the tax information together and organized, and the Man in Charge handles the rest.  Guess what?  I keep putting him off.  Telling him that I will get to it when it rains.  Well, it rained.  I am stalling.

21.  To top it all off, I am sick.  I came down with a nasty head cold last week.  I picked it up at the pharmacy.  I usually use the drive thru window, but I had to go inside for a few things.  Sick people go in there, and they share.

These are a few of the things that I have thought about sharing with you over the past days, but haven't made it to the computer.  I landed here today, and am sure that I am forgetting something.  I may post random pictures to illustrate some of the above mentioned items. 

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