Sunday, June 26, 2011

This is going to take a while...

It has been way too long...I want to catch you up on the events as of late, but there are many.  I have a running list of stories in my head, and the list keeps getting longer.  Long lists overwhelm me, so I am just going to jump in and try to catch you up.  For you long-time readers, this will make perfect sense, but for any newbies out there, you will just have to bare with me.  I would like to tell you that I am not always this random, but I can not tell a lie.  I will try to add links to previous posts that may explain some of this craziness.

For the most recent update on the previous post...

No, I have not finished my garage project. 

I know...ridiculous!

I have the walls and ceiling painted and I have the trim and the floor to go.
I have to get this done this week. 
No excuses!  No exceptions! 

Maybe this is why I haven't posted any new information on this Blog. 

That one update alone is depressing. 

I have to go think about this for a while.

To be Cont...

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