Friday, June 3, 2011

I am not dead yet...

I have not forgotten you.

I have not been neglecting you.

I have missed you.


Things have been hectic and chaotic.  It has also been very hot and humid.

Things are heating up here on the farm. 

You gotta love Texas in the summer.

Things have also been growing.  That is very exciting to me, but I really haven't been able to pay much attention to anything this week.  We are trying to wrap up a little renovation project that has been plaguing me for over a year now.

The Garage...

I have hated the garage for quite some time.  It is a mess.  It is disorganized, and every project I work on starts there.


I finally put my foot down!

I drew a line!

I said, "No More!"

What a mistake that was.

You have to know that I said all of those things to myself.  I may have thrown some of those words in the direction of my Full-Timer, but I assure you, she was in a dead sprint in the opposite direction, screaming, "Nooo!"

Not really.

Only because she knows that I would eventually catch her.

To sum things up, it took three days to organize, consolidate, throw away, and move the contents of the garage.  Three of the hottest days of the year.  Then, and only then, were we able to start prepping the walls for painting.  You would not believe the damage done to those walls.  Now we are on to the painting phase.

Did I mention that it is hot and humid outside?

I heard a rumor early in the week that some of the locals were starting to think that I must be dead because they haven't seen or heard from me in days.  On Monday I started to come down with a cold bug or something.  I drew another line and refused to participate.  I started taking cold medicine, using nose spray, gargling with salt water, and anything else that I could think of.  Couple that with hot, humid temperatures, paint fumes, and a ladder...

That is why I titled this post, "...yet!"

Keep checking the obituaries. 

If I make it, I will be posting pictures of the farm progress soon.

P. S.  Go Mavs!


  1. You are so lucky to have such a handy helper to supervise your safety during all those projects...

  2. before and after pictures???!! Hope you have beat that cold.