Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm back


I tried to tell you that long lists overwhelm me.  I just spent the last two hours curled up in the fetal position, crying my eyes out because I am only one person, and there is no way that I can get everything done that I need to get done this week.

Not really.

I did spend the last two hours watching the movie True Grit.  Like that is really on my list of things to do.  Like I really have the time to waste two hours, reclining in my chair, snuggling with a dog that really needs a bath, watching True Grit.  The dog really needs a bath.  She smells like Frito's Corn chips.

Why is that?

The movie was far as movies go these days.  It wasn't totally crazy or hard to believe, but it was not the original.  I like John Wayne.  I love the Good vs. Evil movies from back in the day.  I love that the Good always prevailed in the end.  I have the J. B. Brooks creed hanging on my living room wall.

I won't be harmed.
I won't be insulted.
I won't be laid a hand upon.
I don't do any of these things,
and I expect the same from others.

I will tell you that the Man in Charge says that the book True Grit was better.  I have not had time to read the book.  I have books on my nightstand like:

The Backyard Farmer
Let it Rot
Sell what you Sow
Texas Organic Gardening

I have the book True Grit, and I even picked it up to read one night, but the battery in my book light was very weak, making the light very dim, and there went that idea.  That was a few weeks ago.  Now my curiosity is peaked, and I will have to give it another try.

Back to the updates.

We went a little crazy earlier in the year, and decided to till and seed about 5 acres of land with some grass.  It was a quick decision, and it cost a little bit more than I imagined.  I drug my Full-Timer into the plan, and hired a guy to do the tractor work.  You can read about it on A Leap of Faith.   To say that it went according to plan would be misleading.  For one thing, we did not see a drop of rain for days after this event.  I had rushed to squeeze this project in because we had been expecting a lot of rain.  Then we had a very dry and windy spring.

We walked miles that day and it was a leap of faith.  When we were done, I felt like we had given that seed to God, and it was now His to do what He wanted with.  That is so easy to say...very hard to live.  I am happy to report that we had our same guy out to mow last week, and this is what we were left with.

It has a way to go yet, but I thought it looked pretty good.  There are some places that need to thicken up, but I feel confident that it will with a little time and more rain.

More to come.

To be cont...

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