Monday, February 14, 2011

Uh, Houston?

I think we have a problem here.

I made a trip out to the chicken coop this morning and this is what they gave me today. 

The white egg is an average size egg. 

The green egg is a little larger than your average egg. 

These brown eggs? 

Well, do you see the problem? 

This is not going to be good for business unless we can market this as a new "diet" egg.

I am going to count this as progress and we will hope for the best.  I am thinking that maybe we are starting small and we will work our way up.  What do you think? 

Other than the miniature eggs, we are having a beautiful day. 

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone

I am trying to make it through this day and accomplish as many things as I can.  Thus, giving myself the entire rest of the week to do my own thing. 

Can you believe the forecast for this week? 

Most of you will agree that laundry, dog hair, and dirty floors do not sound like a romantic Valentine's Day, but this is what I am faced with today.  The shopping is done and I am moving on to the cleaning.  Then I will wrap it up with a nice steak dinner for the Man in Charge.

Hope he's not reading this. 

If so, Surprise!

Before you start to feel sorry for me, you need to know that the Man in Charge took me out on Friday and Saturday night, and he didn't expect me to cook yesterday.  We had some take out and I attempted to make his version of a Red Velvet Cake.  After asking many questions about his ingredient list, and then forgetting to flour the pans, our three layer cake ended up only one layer. 

I know that doesn't make much sense, but you will just have to trust me on this one. 

Besides, a one layer cake fits into our diet.  Sort of like those miniature eggs up there.  I did use a round cutter and I made really cute individual layer cakes with the one layer that I got correct.  The other two layers went to the chickens this morning, and they loved it. 

Happy Valentine's Day... little slackers!

I hope you all make the most of the day. 

Don't be bound by what society expects of you. 

Do your own thing. 

No red hearts or chocolate necessary.

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  1. u crack me up!!! love reading ur blog. i have it saved on my phone and read it when i have some time, usually waiting on something/someone. u inspire me! i am starting a garden soon and cant wait. hope u guys r well and so glad c got her wish! dont worry about her. my mom thought i would grow up and live in a totally bare house with everything in black and white... needless to say,her clutter collections and incessant painting only made me appreciate interior decorating not despise it. so have hope:) take care! xoxoxkristin