Friday, February 18, 2011

Breakfast, Water Leaks, and New Products

I know that is quite a selection of topics, but I will explain as quickly as I can.


We had breakfast for dinner the other night.  It was quick and I didn't have a plan or the time to look at the food blogs linked on this site.  Sometimes, I will admit when I don't have a plan, I copy someone else. 

I am not ashamed.

Back to breakfast.  In all the time that we have had chickens, we have never gotten a double yolk egg.  What is that, you ask?  Just what it sounds like.  An egg that contains two yolks instead of one.  We have a hen that has continuously given large green eggs, but never has she given us one with a double yolk.  This really has never bothered me much.  I am happy with a fresh, good tasting, quality egg.  I am not that picky about the contents, as long as it has what it is supposed to have. 

My faithful helper does not feel the same way.

I have asked, told, begged and dragged this girl with me to do some of the most horrendous things.  At times, I have seen her do things that in a million years, she would never do on her own.  I may have damaged her to the point that she ends up living in the middle of the city with a cat.  Probably not a cat, there would be a litter box if there was a cat.  She would definitely have a short-haired dog.  Yes, a dog for certain. 

This child wants double yolk eggs.  Why?  I don't know why it is so important to her, but if she hears someone else talk about getting a double yolk egg, it infuriates her. 

Yes, living in the country and occasionally working at the local feed store, it does come up in conversation more than you think it would.

She wants one and she doesn't understand why our slacker chickens have not given her one.

Well, at breakfast the other night, guess what? The first brown egg that we collected last Saturday was a double yolk. I couldn't believe it. That is pretty impressive on the first try. They were small yolks, but my helper did not care. She thought that made them look cute. Of course, I let her have it.

How could I not?  

Finally a small token of appreciation for all of the possum chasing that she has had to do.  She was so happy that she grabbed my phone and took this picture. 

Water Leaks:

In our recent blizzard, I managed to freeze a pipe in the barn.  It really irritated me because I turned the water off to the barn and I carried buckets of water to the barn everyday.  Apparently there was enough water in the line that it busted at the spigot inside.  This is not a huge issue, but like I said, it was irritating.  We had a few delays in getting it fixed, but on Wednesday we tackled the job.  It didn't take long and we were back in business.  Great news, right? 

I left the water off on Thursday because I wasn't really out there much until the evening.  I turned it on, cleaned stalls, filled buckets and basically went about my business.  I didn't see any leaks or anything that I would find alarming. 

That was not the case this morning. 

I went to the barn and fed the horses.  Then I opened the back door and found water standing on the ground all along the side of my barn.  I let the chickens out and then went to the house to turn the water off at the shut off valve.  Guess what I get to add to the list today?

Just a little frustrating...

New Products:

I do have an update on a few new products that we will be offering.

1.  Local Honey (and I mean local)
2.  Hot and Iced Tea blends
3.  Fair Trade certified coffee

As you can see...I have some work to do. 

I will be posting as time permits and PVC pipe repairs are completed. 

I really can't carry anymore water.  As much as my back hurts sometimes, I really do not want my arms to reach below my knees.  While it could be useful, I do not think it would be very attractive.

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  1. Yes, it is 11:00PM and I am reading the blog. Laughing out loud as I can picture it all in my head. Now I must leave the farm and put all the things back on the newly painted wall.