Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Dirt on the Top Ten


Top Ten?

Don't get so excited.  I am just giving you a link to the 10 dirty fruits and veggies.  These lists are more and more prevalent in the media, and I think that they are useful and interesting.  I am also impressed that "they" are doing these tests on our food.

So, just in case you missed this blurb on the Internet, here you go:

10 dirty fruits and veggies

If you have a few minutes, read the some of the comments posted on this article.  Some of them made me laugh.

"I've washed my vegetables for years, why do I have to spend double for Organic?"
"Just wash them and they will be fine."
"Washing them has been good enough for me.  Why isn't it good enough for you?"

That may be true, but they have not been exposed to the levels of chemicals that we have since birth.  Levels that are increasing. 

It really is crazy if you do a little research. 

All vegetables should be washed, regardless of Organic or Conventional. 

Wash it even if it says that it has been pre-washed.

Just know that washing isn't the answer for everything.

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