Monday, February 21, 2011


I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon in training. 

This was serious, hard-core training.

Yes, I have a very physically demanding life.

Yes, I still try to exercise.

Do I exercise everyday?

No!  Not even close.

Why do I feel the need to exercise?

Somewhere in my brain I feel like if I exercise I will be able to do more.

There are parts of my body that regularly try to identify this part of my brain so they can kill it.

It is ongoing inner conflict that I can not control and choose to ignore.

I also exercise because there are parts of my body that get abused regularly and there are other parts that are completely ignored.  I strive for balance in my world.

I said "strive" not achieve...

When you have chickens you have to be prepared for them to do what birds  It is annoying and they can easily make it over the fence once they are big enough.  To prevent the dogs from eating them and to keep from killing them myself, I cut their wing feathers.

No, this does not hurt the chicken.

I only trim the middle section of their wing feathers on one side.  This allows them to fly in a straight line about two to three feet off the ground, which gives them a speedy getaway from a predator.  They can not fly up or over a fence, and this is what I need to accomplish.  Before I learned this neat little trick, I had hens digging every bit of mulch out of my flower beds and leaving it all over my sidewalks.

This made me super crazy.

Yes, there are levels to my crazy.

I caught one of the little girl hens flying over one of my stall doors.  She was flying out when I caught her.  I am sure she feasted on cat food and made as much of a mess as she could everywhere else.  That was all I needed to see to realize that it was time for some training.

Why do I call it training?

Do you remember Rocky II?

Remember when Mick had Rocky chasing a chicken as part of his training?

"You look like a turtle out there!"

"I feel like a Kentucky Fried Idiot!"

All I heard in my head as I single-handedly caught each hen was the theme song...

Na Na  Nah! 
Na Na  Nah!

P. S.
For those of you who need a refresher, click on the lyrics below...

Na Na Nah!

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