Thursday, September 9, 2010


Okay ~ I did not even know that Tropical Storm "Hermine" existed.

I had plans to get the fall planting started.  I had spent the week before the holiday weekend doing some planning.  I had decided to take the weekend off and do absolutely nothing.  I just wanted to spend time with the family.  I would eat ridiculously rich, highly caloric food and wish that I could live in stretchy pants and still want to live with myself.

Then I caught wind of the storm heading our way.  The weather man predicted rain on Tuesday and Wednesday.  That would throw a kink in the plans, but I still enjoyed my weekend.

I finally decided to get to work on Monday.  I knew it would be impossible to get everything done, but at least it would be a decent start.

That did not happen.  I spent more time working on my equipment than my equipment spent working.  It was very frustrating.  Then I worked until after dark.  I considered working even later with the help of some lighting, but decided against it.  After all, it wasn't supposed to start raining until Tuesday afternoon.

Then this happened...

This is "Hermine" at landfall in South Texas.

This tornado was near the Trinity River in Dallas.  It was very close to downtown.

This tornado was North East of Dallas.

Then in the middle of the flooding, the rain, the wind, the destruction...God reminds us of His Covenant.
I love it when He does that.

(Above pictures are from and
I finally waded outdoors to take my own pictures.

After we received over 7 inches of rain, we were glad to see blue sky.
"Hermine", Good Bye!
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