Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Need A Plan

Before "Hermine" hit I was in the middle of some research. 

I have what could be called a serious problem at times.  I ALWAYS feel better if I have a plan.  It has caused some conflict with my significant other at times, he doesn't see the need to plan every detail.  He tends to believe that most things will be fine.  The Lord will provide and you shouldn't worry about every detail.  Prepare yourself for what you need, work hard, and it will be fine.  This concept doesn't always work for me.

I have been trying to unlock the code of "crop rotation".  Depending on what you read, and who you talk to, some say it is very simple, and some say it can be very complicated.  I have made it even more complicated by the fact that I am working on a small scale.

I have to be honest, and admit that I spent hours on the Internet looking for a plan that I could copy.  I don't need to invent the wheel.  I just need to see it turn.  Unfortunately I had zero luck finding a plan.  There really are too many variables.    So I have resorted to paper, pencil, and a really good eraser.  With some coffee and some Advil, I finally started making some headway.

The sad news is...I have to change it now.

With all of the rain, we still are not dry enough to work in the dirt.  That is the problem with this heavy clay.  There is only so much that I can do to make it better.  I do know that you can't work in it when it is wet.  You will do more damage than good. 

While the original plan challenged my brain and even made it hurt a little, I feel confident that the revisions will be easier. 

I always feel better when there is a plan.

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