Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Success or Failure!

I committed to posting on this little blog of mine for the entire month of November, and I almost made it.  I missed the last two days!  I was really bummed about this, but this is the closest I've ever come to actually doing it!  I posted something every day!  Days that were crazy busy!  In the end, we were just having too much fun!

Both the girls came home for the holiday weekend, and it was a packed weekend of events!  They both rolled in on Wednesday evening and the games began.  We stayed up until 2:00 in the morning cooking for Thanksgiving Dinner!  It was fun and there was a lot of chatter and cooking happening.  Our dinner was perfect this year.  I'm not just bragging on the food.  We also had the cutest two year old at our table this year.  He was very entertaining.  He brought his mother and his baby brother, and we had a blast.

My new worker in training.

We took him out to feed the chickens and he was a little hesitant at first.  After dinner, we asked if he wanted to feed them again and he was all over it!  He ran across the yard, calling them up and throwing out bread.  When the bread was all gone, he ran back to the house giggling and wanting more bread!  The girls ended up having an awesome Thanksgiving as well.  I think they ate about a half a loaf of bread!

Friday, we put Thanksgiving behind and went to Ft. Worth to watch the Parade of Lights to kick off the Christmas season. We met everyone at the train station and made our way into the big city.  This time we had two of the cutest two year old's in tow.  This was their first train ride and their first parade!  The weather was brisk, but pleasant, and we had a great time. We finished with dinner and after we made it back home, we stayed up into the wee hours of the morning playing cards. Saturday started out a little slower, but we finished strong with a late night movie with friends.  So again, another late night.

Sunday - I took a long nap!

This week has been a struggle to get going.  I am so far behind on my life, but oh well!  I did celebrate my wedding anniversary yesterday.  The Man in Charge and I decided to have a quiet evening in with take-out!  Some may say, "Boring!" For us, it was perfect!

Today, gulping coffee and trying to get myself together!

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  1. It is indeed hard to post everyday but coffee do help.