Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Day Countdown!

I have no business sitting down at my computer right now, but I love you guys and I wanted to share something real quick. Yesterday I told you that I tend to go through rooms without an ounce of sentiment.  Getting rid of things that are not being used or worn, and therefore I deem them as clutter.

Well...I'm struggling with something.

I have spent time cleaning and organizing rooms for the girls this weekend.  One room in particular is about the only girly room in this house.  It is the original guest room.   A little history for you.  When we bought this house, we were having guests relatively early, and this room was bare.  No furniture.  Nothing pretty or welcoming.

Just blah!

Having just bought this place, we were a little tight in the finance department.  Still, I wanted my guests to feel welcome.  So I really had to put on my creative hat.  We bought a bed, and I mean we bought a mattress set and frame.  I may have had some old nightstands back in the beginning of this room, but I don't really remember now.  I threw some paint on the walls, but it was still sad.

So I did this...

Maybe one of the girls will leave a comment about the process we went through to get this painted on the wall.  I don't have time to go into all the crazy details now.  I have added furniture to this room over the years, and it really is a nice place to be.

Just one problem though.

I've just recently come into some new furniture.  New, really old furniture.  It is the Man in Charge's Great-Grandmother's bedroom suit.  With the girls gone, I've been kicking around the idea of shuffling some furniture around.  That old bedroom suit would fit perfect in this room, but it already has a headboard.  A very pretty headboard.  I have been pretty resolute in the idea of painting over my creation.  I've heard whining and complaining from others, but my mind has been made on this topic.

Until I was in there today.

I'm still gonna do it, but I'm gonna miss this room.


  1. My recollection of this process is that this is when we discovered that our childhood dog really enjoyed getting high on paint fumes. Every time mom was in there painting zero was curled up in the corner, passed out. The other recollection of this process is that mom spilled half a gallon of Forrest green paint on the carpet. Fortunately she spilled it on a spot on the floor that is right in the middle of the "headboard". So when she showed us and we were shocked, she reassured us it would be fine because the bed was going to go there. No one would ever know....Until now.

  2. It was only a quart. And Zero just loved being with me. That dog spent a lot of time with paint in his hair. He had a bad habit of leaning against anything that had just been painted.

  3. Full Timer here... I remember a different aspect of it. I remember Mom saw the idea for the headboard in a magazine and she decided that's what she wanted. This woman has never taken an art/painting lesson that I know of. The part-timer and I thought it would blow over, she'd come up with a different idea or whatever. Ohhhhhh no. She went straight to the store, bought some paint, brushes, paper, etc. And she proceeded to teach herself and practice all the different flowers that she liked. We would walk into the kitchen in the mornings and there would be pieces of paper and cardboard propped up everywhere to dry. I'll admit, it was a little touch and go at first, but in no time the headboard was finished, Mom was satisfied, and those paint brushes haven't been brought out since!

    1. I can not argue here. I was smart enough to eventually practice on cardboard taped to the wall. I felt it was important to do this. It is totally easier on paper on a flat surface. You can turn that paper and use different angles. No turning a wall!

  4. Quite the artist you are! I have to say, I'm impressed! I had to look twice at that first photo to be sure it wasn't a real headboard - nice work on the shadow detail. Love the stories in the comments above - the paint on the dog and the carpet? Ha!

    Oh, and I really love the bedding - it looks so vintage and romantic - don't get rid of that!

    1. The Bedding is Staying!

      We talked about this project before. Remember? I spilled that paint down the leg of my favorite sweats from high school. I was more upset about the sweats than I was about the carpet. I just cut the legs off those sweats and wore them until they were thread bare!