Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Solving the Problems of the World.

Solving the problems of the world is a daunting task.  So daunting, I would never consider it.  I would be happy just to solve my own problems, and possibly the problems of those near and dear to me.  I am no where near accomplishing such a feat, but I think I may have made a small break through.  I have struggled all year.  I have felt over-whelmed, under prepared, and like I've just been hanging on to the shirt-tails of life, flapping in the wind behind it as it blows by.

I will flap no more!

It dawned on me, as I was preparing my house for the upcoming holiday, how behind I've gotten on some necessary chores.  Chores that no one likes doing, but have a positive impact on one's life and happiness.  I've never been awarded a prize for being Suzy Homemaker.  My home is lived in.  For the most part, I manage to do what is necessary and just live with the rest.  It's easy to live with the rest when you just go outside.  I follow the out-of-sight out-of-mind mantra.

I've learned over the years that if you hit spring with a good spring cleaning, then manage to throw a couple of party's over the summer, things stay relatively organized.  I mention the parties because I have found them to be the best motivation for a good cleaning.  Couple that with a good holiday cleaning and you're golden.  I don't fret if the baseboards and the ceiling fans aren't cleaned once a week.

Not my style.

If I can manage the spring event, plus a few parties, plus the holiday schedule, things stay relatively orderly around here. The benefit of the major cleanings is to reduce clutter.  These are the times of the year that I go through closets and rooms without much sentiment.  If it doesn't get used or worn, it's out of here.  I also manage a spring and fall overhaul in the barn.  These have been very thorough in the past years.  Cleaning out the loft, scrubbing down stall walls, removing stall mats and hitting everything with a pressure washer.

Yesterday I realized I have been slacking in these areas.  I'm going to make a bold statement here, but I am going to blame it on being a bee keeper.  Becoming a keeper of bees has messed up my entire schedule of events.  My spring was crazy.  My summer was equally crazy.  My fall did not slow down a bit.

At present, I'm still trying to adjust to the time change.  I'm not sure who invented Day Light Savings time, and I'm not going to Google it and find out, but I'd like to punch 'em.  It always messes me up.  I hate dark at 5:00 pm.  I need sun.  I have always wished they would just leave the time alone.  I get that winter brings shorter days, but let me adjust to that on my own!

Stay with me.

There's a point here.

Beekeeping has become my Day Light Savings Time of spring cleaning.  It's not possible to do it in the spring.  This would be fine if I was a man and had a wife to do the chores.  I am not a man.  I do not have a wife.  At times I think I'd like one, but then I realize we would probably argue for hours on end.

Who needs that?

(Man in Charge, if you're reading this, YOU DO!)

I'm not sure how to compensate for these changes.  I've been in spring cleaning mode this week.  It's necessary to my survival.  I am buried under things that need to be culled from my life.  Useful things that someone else should have. Things I would happily donate if I just had the time to gather them.  I know this job is not relative to Thanksgiving Dinner or the plans I have for the coming weekend, but they must be done!

Side note:  Why, as women, do we measure our success in life by such things?

I feel like a failure if things are cluttered and unorganized.  I have never heard the Man in Charge measure his worth by the state of our closet!


I'm going to take a serious look at the calendar and try to come up with an alternate schedule to get these tasks taken care of.

I am essentially going to create Bee Light Savings Time!

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  1. Oh my goodness - I'm SO with you on the throw a party to motivate cleaning!! I know what you really said was finding motivation to clean because you're having a party - I've been known to plan a gathering just for the motivation. Ha! (Not that the party wasn't fun or anything) Oh, the things we do to make things happen.

    And your bit about sort of wanting a wife - I giggled - of course we've all thought that!

    I hope bee light savings time is good to you ;)