Thursday, November 13, 2014

Coloring My Hair Makes Me Love My Kids More!

Obviously posting to this blog early in the day works best for me.  If I can get it done by lunch time, I'm good.  If not, it'll be a struggle or won't happen at all.  The last two days I've put it off until evening.  Last two days, evening rolls around and I'm brain dead.

Today I took a personal day.

A much needed personal day!

I headed to the big city to visit with some friends and get my hair done.  I was in much need of a haircut and a color. Someone once asked me why I color my hair?

Because I don't like gray hair.

Then they were shocked to realize I had gray hair.

Point made!

My hair isn't completely gray, but my gray is in the front and on top.  Not a single gray hair on the back of my head.  It started pretty early for me, but because I used to highlight my hair, it wasn't visible.

Then it increased.

I quit highlighting my hair because it was ruining it.  My natural color has gotten darker as I've aged, and I decided to quit fighting it.  I've been lucky enough to do low lights in varying shades, and it prevents me from having an obvious line of gray hair as it grows out.

Another reason I color my hair...

I find it makes it easier to love my children.

At 22 and 27, I blame them for each and every gray hair on my head.

Today, as I was getting my hair done, my stylist pointed out I have a lot more gray.


Then she pointed out I have way more gray on the right side of my head than the left side.


I thought about this on the way home.  I've come to the conclusion this is directly related to my girls.  They each individually, and jointly, have spent countless hours talking my ear off while driving down the road.

They get me pinned behind the wheel and talk extensively.

While this was an awesome experience as a parent because it kept me informed on their lives.

Not so good for my hair! 

I love that they have always felt able to talk to me about anything.

I love both of them immensely!

I am, however, blaming this on of both them.

It's the only logical explanation.

(Camping adventures and photos will be up tomorrow.)

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