Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Blogging Every Day!

Sounds easy.  

Most days, it is easy.  

Today, not easy.

As you may know, I went camping this past weekend.  What you may not know, I had planned on winterizing all my bees this past weekend.  Last Friday and Saturday were perfect for such a chore.  Nice weather.  Lots of sunshine.

I was not here.

I'm not complaining.  My trip was of the utmost importance and I gladly cleared my schedule to go.  The only problem came upon arriving back home.  Monday was 80 degrees, but 30 mph winds gusting up to 40 mph.  Not exactly ideal when it comes to beekeeping.  Plus, I had totally neglected some of my other duties.  This meant Monday was all about catching up.

Tuesday the cold front arrived.

Yesterday I ran around stacking bales of straw to use as wind breaks and installing entrance reducers.  Two things required for bees to make it through the winter.  I did not get everything finished.  Today has been much colder.  I picked back up where I left off.

The wind has been ridiculous.

I still have things to do.

I still have to go back outside.

I've lived in my coveralls today.

Heading out to finish, then off to bed.  

You'll get more of the camping adventure tomorrow.

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