Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chicken or Bee?

What's worse?

Chickens or Bees?

Saw this a while ago...

It actually blew out of the top of a tree along the creek.

Then I found this...

I didn't scream.  I didn't freak out.  I simply turned to go get the hoe.  It's been a while since I have had to deal with one of these guys, but I knew I could handle it.  The weird part came when I stepped in to take this picture.  This stupid thing decided to raise its tail and rattle it at me.

In all the snakes I have killed, I have never had one do this before.

This is where I may have freaked out a little.  I called the Man in Charge and explained what I was seeing.  He explained that I should leave the building and lock up all the animals

Then what?

This thing gets away and I find it another day?

I have a policy when it comes to snakes.  They must be dealt with right away.  I don't want to be peaking around every corner and looking over my head and freaking out every time I am in the barn!

After a short discussion, the Man in Charge asked me what I wanted him to do?  I explained that I was going to stand there and keep an eye on it, and I wanted him to come home and kill it.

We are talking at least an hour here people.

He didn't think that was practical, but said he would do his best.  Once I got off the phone, I stood there for all of about three minutes.  Then, I took a good look around that barn.  There is nothing about that barn that I hold any special feelings for.  It is a piece of crap basically.  It has served its purpose, and it still does, but, by no means, is it a great building.

I ran to the house and got my shotgun and six shells.

I don't know why I got six shells.

It just seemed like a good amount to grab.

I ran back into the barn and loaded my gun.  I put it to my shoulder, and took aim on the box containing the snake.  Then, it dawned on me, I have not shot my gun in a long time.  I clicked the safety on and ran outside to an old wood pile.  I clicked the safety off, put my gun to my shoulder, and took aim at a spot on a log.


I have a full choke on that gun, and I felt I needed to know how big an area I was working with when it came to aiming at my new friend.  I clicked the safety back on my gun and ran back into the barn.  I then took aim once more, only to realize if I missed and the thing came after me, I would be running through an obstacle course to get out of the barn.  I stopped and moved a feeder and removed an obstacle at the doorway.  Coming back to my spot, I clicked the safety off and took aim once more.

I just kept thinking, "I can't believe I am doing this!"

I took my first shot.  I am sure the first one hit him in the head.  His body started to curl up in the middle, and I shot him again.  I then reloaded my gun.  He was still moving at this point.

What the hell?

I shot him again.  After the third shot, it was obvious that his movements were involuntary.

The photos below are graphic.

When I picked him up, egg was running out of every hole.

The chickens nest box survived.

I did blow out a chunk of the 4X4 support post behind it.  Not really enough to cause a structural issue, but a chunk anyway you look at it.

I then had a friend come out and look at my snake.  He said it was just a chicken snake and they like to pretend to be a rattlesnake as a defense.

I bet he wishes he could rethink that decision.

The bigger lesson here -

I can defend my animals if I need to.

I am a much better shot under pressure than I have ever been in practice.

I have threatened all my chickens, if they don't straighten up and stop letting just anybody come in and hang out, I will sell them all and buy more bees!

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