Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bee Adventures...

This little cluster of bees was hiding in a barn wall.  I say little.  This space is probably 18 inches wide, 6 inches deep and these girls are hanging down about two feet.  The real problem is that they are about 14 feet up the wall.

 So we needed this...

(Please note there are two hats inside the cab of that tractor.)

Then we strapped on the bee vacuum system and anything else we could think of.

Then we had technical difficulties with the bee vacuum system.  This was such a large swarm that I had decided to use two boxes to vacuum them into.  This was not functional.  The system could not pull enough suction through the hose.  We ended up with an entire hose full of bees.

(I have no idea what we were talking about or why I would be swinging my arms wildly?)

Once we corrected our issue, we were able to get to work.  After removing about half of the bees, we uncovered their handy work.

We were able to remove all the comb and the rest of the bees.  Surprisingly, they were really calm during this process.  Other than the two gentleman that were in charge of the tractor, I had another friend help me out.  She is the one that shot all these lovely photos.  She knows I don't post photos of myself, but she took them anyway.  I think this is payback for the fact that I forgot to mention to her that we would be up in the air about ten feet.

She says she's forgiven me, but at this moment she is probably cussing me all over again.


  1. how long did it take for them to build that? You are awesome!

  2. I believe it was actually about 75 feet up in the air.

    1. 10-12.

      But you were brave and now I know I could get you 75 foot in the air!

  3. Goodness! It's one adventure after the next for you, isn't it?? Love your head gear - it's very bee-farm-chic ;)

    1. I learned from the very beginning...there is no way to look cute and work bees. I've tried. The best I can do are these cute daisy ear rings !