Friday, February 7, 2014

The Winner!

Hands down, this is the funniest thing I have read in a while.
It helps that this person has known me all my life.  Literally.
It also helps that this person knows a lot about the crazy that is my world.

Here is your contest winner!

It started out as a normal Texas day, cold and windy.  And then things went downhill from there.  It was extremely blustery when I stepped outside to begin my daily chores.

I may have mentioned that a neighbor and I do not get along very well and we share a fence.  I guess in their warped humor they thought it would be amusing to toilet paper the fence, knowing that it was suppose to rain/sleet later today.  They had toilet papered the fence so it would blow onto my property.  There was no way I would be able to clean up this mess with these weather conditions.  I extended whisper prayers to them as I went about my business.  Knowing the wind would be changing direction later that day before the moisture hit.  teh he

I have mentioned that I have help occasionally.  Well, it seems that someone (unknown) had attempted to repair a water line leak with denim!  Not really.  I had repaired the line and stabilized it with a new product I was trying.  Unfortunately the valve got bumped and broke off because of the freezing weather.  Nothing new about this.  And on the other side of the barn, one of the valves had already started leaking.  I turned off all water to the barn and set my mind and heart that I would be hauling water until I could make the repairs.  Good exercise.

I noticed that the trim had broken loose from the barn.  No time to deal with that, I have more urgent chores to take care of.  Mental note to make that repair when the wind was not blowing.

I am starving by this time.  Look what I have in the pantry.  So on mark for healthy eating!  Quick, easy and tasty.  I know that later there will be a huge pot of bone broth to warm me up and I can make a healthy soup for the family and a sick friend.  And the left-over bones will be stuffed with peanut butter for a tasty dog treat.  Yum they say.  I mix mashed potatoes with peanut butter and pipe it into the bone.  In warm weather I freeze these treats and they are busy for hours when they are rewarded.

Quick visit to the vet with the rehabbing dog.  Great news!  The x-rays indicate that she is healing and that the surgery accomplished all that we are striving for.  With a happy heart I took her home for a treat and plans for therapy to begin.

This was a fun read, and I am looking forward to turning all my future bones into dog treats.  I gave these bones to the girls, and two of them just looked at me like I was crazy.

Really?  What are we supposed to do with this?

The other dog hauled her bone off to the bedroom.  She wasn't sure what she wanted to do with it.  She was just going to save it until she could figure it out.

The real story will be posted later this evening.

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