Wednesday, February 19, 2014


If I had to pick one word to describe the last few days, it would be f-r-e-n-z-y.

We have been going non-stop.  Unfortunately some of it has been in circles, but still, we are going.  We had a hot streak there for a couple of days, then it all came crashing down.  On Sunday, a stomach virus decided to take up residence in my home.  It has only struck one of us, but can I say?

I am scared.

I don't like these viruses.  I mean, who does?  This led me to a simple plan-of-action.

Work like crazy and try to get ahead!

I am already behind on so many things.  My thoughts being, work hard enough to catch up and possibly get ahead.  Then, if I go down, I can do so in peace.  You know, because it is hard to be sick when you are in charge of taking care of everything and everyone else.  Who can get rest when you don't know if there is enough milk?  Who can take it easy when you don't know if the horses have shavings, or if the chickens have enough feed?  Seriously.  Who can do that?

Monday was a whirlwind of activity.  I knocked out quite a few things.  Tuesday was a whirlwind of activity, but not a lot got accomplished.  My agenda started out with two must-get-done activities.

  1. Fix the leak in the chicken barn.
  2. Hang a medicine cabinet in my master bathroom (remember - remodeling)

I did fix the leak in the chicken barn.  I even purchased twice the parts I needed, so in the event that this happens again, I am ready.  I then turned the water on, and as I made my way into the horse barn, there was a crack in the water pipe.  It was shooting a nice stream of water straight into the air.


I ran and turned the water back off.  Of all the extra parts I purchased for the chicken barn, I am missing one fitting to fix the leak in the horse barn.


So, no water in the barns for one more day.  I was very frustrated, but I can live with that.  I then moved onto my next project for the day.  I unpacked my new medicine cabinet.  I started going through the contents of the package.

No hardware included!


Now, this made me mad.  I read every inch of the outside of the box.  No where on the box does it state No Hardware Included.  So stupid.  I did manage to tackle a lot of other things on my list.  Just not the ones that I intended.  After running around doing bee things the other day, and not taking my camera along, I decided to shoot a little video to share with you.  I did not edit this video.  I did not have time, so my apologies.

This is video of my bees hard at work.  In a frenzy.  I can so relate to these girls.  When I worked the bees the other day, I had some boxes that needed to be removed.  In these boxes, there were frames of honey.  I did not want to waste this honey, so I set the boxes out to let the bees clean them up.  They went right to work.  They were so busy, they did not even notice me.  I was very close, without any protective gear on.

It was Crazy!


  1. :( you need a holiday! If only everything didn't rely on you, right? I'm sorry you've had such a busy, crazy, frenzy of a week. The bees are happy there's that...and from the video it looks like the sun is shining...Hope you don't catch that virus - or get stung!

    1. Thank you. No holidays allowed until mid-summer. The sun is shining. The weather is awesome and will hold through the weekend. And, so-far-so-good on the virus thing.


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