Thursday, January 9, 2014


Most of you know that I have been giving running a try.  Of course, I had to take a break during the holidays.  

Too busy.  
Too lazy. 
Too sluggish from all the bad food I was eating.  
The list goes on and on.  

Then, my Part-Timer came home for Christmas and decided she wanted to go for a run.   I think she just wanted to see where she ranked compared to an old person, but I was game, and we went.  We ran in some freezing, cold weather.  While she was here, we decided to download an app on our phones that would help us log our runs, and also help us do some training.  She had signed up to do a 5K run in February, and this would help her get on track.  I agreed, not because I want to register for a race, but I decided I could run my own race.  It may not be official to anyone else, but I can make it as official as I want it to be.

Then, I hurt my wrist on Christmas day.  

I decided to take a break from running for a week.  Knowing my luck, I would fall and have to use my wrist to catch myself, and it would have all gone down hill from there.   The training program that we signed up for is based on an every-other-day schedule.  It also comes with some really awesome/annoying features.  

For one, it is a schedule with different activities.  

Awesome because it has structure. 
Annoying because I don't like someone telling me what to do.  

Second, it uses the GPS on our mobile devices so that we can track our routes and it calculates our distance and our pace.  

Awesome because it is so much easier than anything else we could try.  
Annoying because it sucks the battery on your phone.  

Third, it allows us to see each others work outs.  

Awesome because she is one week ahead of me.  I can track what she does, and I know I only have to be that good or a little better.  
Annoying because this information is useless to me.  I can not compete with her pace.  

Not happening.


I am on day 3 of my training.  

Day 1 - Crazy north wind.  
Day 2 - Crazy south wind.  
Day 3 - Foggy and Damp.

I took this picture on my run today.

It felt really cold before I got started, so I layered on some clothes.  Then, it was just cold and damp.  Plus, the visibility was very low.  Due to this fact, I altered my route a little.  I did not think it wise to run on a road that most people travel down at about 50 mph.  Changing routes was no biggie.  The biggie came after the first mile.  I got so hot.  I could not get things off fast enough.  I had to stop to remove some items.  I threw my phone down on the street.  I fumbled with everything.  I got tangled up in the wires on my headphones.  

It was ridiculous.

I just went out there a few minutes ago and it still feels the same to me.  Then I checked the weather forecast.  It is actually supposed to continue to get warmer through out the night.  Like 50's.  I know we are in for a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow.  Good thing I don't have to run tomorrow.  Who knows what Saturday will be.  I vaguely recall a mention of 70's.  Most of us know that is usually followed by a severe drop in temperatures.  

It is quite the roller coaster ride here in Texas.  

At least we shouldn't get bored.


  1. I don't know why you are trying to compete with my pace. This is a classic tortoise and hare situation. While my pace from time to time might be a bit faster, your consistency to your running and training is far superior to mine and that's where the value is to me. I just wish to be consistent. I watch videos all the time of top athletes for motivation. I wish I could be that dedicated to something to see those kind of results. In my life and in my body. One day at a time though.

  2. I have an addictive personality. I have prayed to become addicted to discuss. It hasn't happened yet, but I will keep you posted.