Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Here We Go - 2014!

Just a brief catch up since it is so late.

I got an interesting message the other day.  A friend of a friend new someone with a little bit of a bee issue.  After making the necessary phone calls, I received this photo...

I have to say, I was pretty shocked when I saw this.  These bees are outside, exposed to the elements.  They have been here since the fall at a minimum.  They have also managed to make it through the freezing temperatures.  I have to admit, I have been very worried about my own bees, but this made me feel a lot better.

If you follow along at all, you know that I had committed to not using my left wrist for one week.  It was hard, but I have been pretty good at sticking to my plan.  My intentions at the end of one week were to go back to business as usual and see what it felt like.  It could only go one of two ways...

rested and back to normal - or - still injured and let's head to the doctor.  

I got the above information regarding the bees on Monday.  The home-owner was very shocked when she found them and she wanted them gone.  Quickly.

I took my brace off on Tuesday and went and got these bees.  I admit that I cut my rehab short by a day or two, but I was very careful not to do anything strenuous with just one hand.  It felt a little tender and weak, but no major pains.


I have a short video clip to share with you.  The home-owner's daughter shot this video from inside the house.  Luckily I was right next to a window.  This was the only clip small enough to email.  She was very kind to let me know she will put the rest of the video on a disc and drop it in the mail.  Once I get it, you know I will share it with you.


I have more to share regarding this video, but it is late.  Check back with me tomorrow.  

It is always crazy exciting to do something like this.  Nothing like ending a year with some adrenaline pumping through your veins.

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  1. That looks challenging! You are braver than I!