Sunday, December 15, 2013

What a Week!

This past one has been a killer.  We had a trip out of town.  We had a massive ice storm.  I had some place to be every single day of this week, which is so not me.  I like to be home a little.  I have crap to do.  I can't run around all the time or things start to stack up or back up or get messed up or whatever you want to call it.  Then, if that wasn't enough, I ran the local feed store on Friday and Saturday.  BUT WAIT, that's not all!  After all that, I went car shopping with my Full-Timer.  We hit three dealerships after work on Saturday.


I am poopered out!

Before the storm, I had made time to get the barns ready.  I had filled water tanks, chicken water, added extra shavings to the stalls and to the chicken barn, and hauled in extra bales of hay for the horses.  Well, who knew this crap was going to last for so long.  We had been hauling warm water from the house for the horses.

I know.

Some of you are saying, "What?"

But, it is important for horses to drink water during this crap.  This is prime weather for colic and if you have ever spent a night out in the cold with a colicky horse, you know it is not pleasant.  I may be a slow learner about some things, but for me, this is a no brain-er.  Every time I go out the door, I haul two five gallon buckets of hot water.  I mix it with water from the water tank, and TA DA - spoiled ass horses that drink a lot of water.  After a week it will wear out your elbows - plus I think my arms are a few inches longer - but, it is so worth it.


By Thursday, we were out of hay in the horse barn and the chickens needed their water things filled up.  They have two five gallon water containers and one three gallon container.  I put on all my gear and headed out the door.

Now, mind-you, this is one week after the ice storm hit.

This may be crazy, but chopping the ice with the ax is sort of fun.  I would not want to chop ice in a pond, like what you would do for cattle or something, but this seems relatively safe to me and does help work out some frustrations.

Then, I opened the door to the chicken barn.  The girls and the guineas have been in there for quite a while...

All the white, slippery stuff really messed with the guineas.  They have so much to learn about this world.  I still had to haul in some hay bales, so I went around to the door.  This is what I found.

I could not get the doors open.  This was a little more challenging to chop through.  You see, I was standing on solid ice.  Yes.  Standing on solid ice and swinging an ax.

You did not know I was so talented.

To be cont.

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