Saturday, November 16, 2013

What makes a Saturday Night in your world?

I figure I have been answering a lot of questions these last few months...I will ask one.  I don't know if you are young and single?  Attached to someone and content in your life?  Or, just old and glad you wake up everyday?  I definitely fall into the last two categories. 

How about you? 


That was not the question.

So, I ask...

What makes a happening Saturday night in your world?

Is it a hot date?

A night out with friends?

Getting the kids to bed early and curling up on the couch to read or watch a movie?

Falling to sleep in your chair?

Saying, "To heck with it" and just going to bed?

I could do almost all of those things.  I don't have kids to put to bed any longer, but I have enough animals to feed and take care of that it may work out to be almost the same.  I think the more interesting tidbit is what I consider a night out or a hot date!

Tonight - I hit the streets alone.  I was dressed a tad bit fashionably.

Not really.

Shorts, long sleeve t-shirt, and tennis shoes.

I headed out to run an errand for the Man in Charge, then found myself at one of my old haunts.  It is casual.  The music is usually pretty interesting.  The crowd changes from time to time, but it is pretty laid back.  In the past, I have spent hours and hours there.  You know...The Home Depot.

I know I am sad.

This story is only made sadder by the fact that my purchase for the evening really got me excited.  Like I couldn't wait to get it home and give it a whirl.

This baby holds a whopping 7.5 cubic feet of what the hell ever I decide to put in it. 

Does this make me weird?

The fact that I find this to be a successful evening?



Are you there?

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