Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What's with all the challenges?

What's going on with me?  I can't seem to stop myself.  It all started out very innocently.  A simple little challenge to write a post everyday for the month of September.  Then, that turned into a '30-day Sexy Butt' challenge.  See below:

For more information, you can check out Lisa at The Daily HIIT - Blog.  F.Y.I. - I am on day seven.  On day six, I was certain that my butt was going to fall off.  My people assured me that this was not possible, but I would have put money on it.

So, if that wasn't enough, I started reading a book, It Starts With Food, by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig, and I have decided to start a program called The Whole 30.  You guessed it, a thirty day challenge to get my body on track and let it do some healing or reset/reboot if you will.  I will come clean with you on the fact that I originally started reading a book called Digestive Health with REAL Food.  I considered doing that challenge, but it is an elimination diet that eliminates quite a bit.  It also lasts from four weeks to years, depending upon how bad off you are.  While I was considering this program, it eliminated coffee! 


Crossing a few too many lines.

So, you can see my relief when I ran across the Whole30.  I get to keep my coffee.  I have to give up all sweeteners and dairy, but I get to keep the coffee.  Iced.  Cold.  Black.  Coffee.  Interesting.

Since I am in it up to my ears at this point, I went ahead and signed up for another blogging challenge
for the month of October.

NaBloPoMo October 2013
Can I also add, I am computer illiterate, and it took an act of Congress to get the above badge on my blog.  I do not understand html, and I don't fake it very well.  It ended up being easier than I was making it, and I would like to thank Mister Linky for hitting me over the head with the obvious.  There was a badge for the September challenge, but I never got my brain wrapped around that one and I was too frustrated to ask Mister Linky for help. 
Sometimes, I am like a man lost on a road trip...hate to ask for directions.
Any hoo-da-lolly, this blog is about farming and food.  The facts are - I am minimally involved in farming at this time.  I am growing Nada.  I have a back-order on eggs.  Yes.  I have sold eggs that are not even layed yet.  Isn't that crazy?  I had an awesome honey crop, but we are on the tail end of that this year.  The honey last year sold out in two months.  I almost tripled my harvest this year, and at the two month mark, we only have a small amount left.  I thank my customers.  Most of you have bought a year's supply already.  No one wants to get left without honey this year.  I can only hope what next year will bring.  So that is it for the farming side of things.
Fall is here! 
We, as in me, will be outside getting the farm ready for winter.  I am looking forward to the work, and I am looking forward to sharing it with you.  It seems like forever since we talked about any real business here.  I have bee chores to include.  Plus, I am trying to figure out some gardening projects that I have been meaning to tackle.  Still a list of horse/barn chores to wrangle and wouldn't it be crazy to be a little pro-active and get some things done this year...for next year? 
Since the blog is about food and the farm...
I accepted a challenge to write about Fall...
I have Fall chores to do...
I made up my mind *weeks ago* that I can do no work outside if it is over 90 degrees...
Fall is here!
The cold front made it and another is on the way...
With a little luck...
This whole thing might work out!
To tie things in, even more...
To fuel my body with enough energy and feel-good to get all-of-the-above done...
I am counting on the Whole30. 
I will be blogging a little bit, here and there, about my experience.  I am not new to this style of eating.  I have been eating a Paleo-ish diet for over the last year.  I say, ish, because I have really fallen off the wagon these last few months.  I am going to blame that on my doctor, but we will get into more of that later.  The real point is that to get back on track, I am willing to accept another challenge.  This will also let me talk about food a little, while not producing any.
See?  There is a method to my madness!
The basics...Whole30 = clean food
No crap.  No garbage.  Eating good food for optimal health.  No grains or legumes.  No dairy.  No sweetener - real or fake.  No alcohol.  No seed or vegetable oils.  No processed or manufactured food.  No ingredients that I can't pronounce.  No.  No.  No.  If you think this is too harsh, remember that it's not as restrictive as the Healing with Healthy Foods book.  Maybe start reading that book, then when you switch to It Starts With Food, you will think, "Okay.  That's do-able."
I get my coffee.
What can I eat?
Meat.  Fish.  Eggs.  Healthy Fat.  Vegetables.  Fruit.
The bigger thing that I want to talk about is how it makes me feel.
I will share what I eat, but don't psyche yourself up for lavish meals.  I eat out of necessity.  It does not have to be grand to make me happy.  The Man in Charge, a different story.  We will see how this goes between us.  I am really only responsible for one of his meals a day.  So he can do what he likes.  I also encourage you to read the book for yourself if you are interested in trying it.  I am not responsible for what you do or not do, and I have proven before that I don't always follow directions well.  Go back a few weeks and read about my recipe for iced coffee if you need proof of that.  You have to check it out yourself to make sure I am doing things right.  Also, please feel free to inform me if I am totally screwing something up.
My menu today:
Breakfast:  A bowl of stew from last night.  (see...weird)
Plus two iced coffees - no sweetener and no cream/milk.
Lunch:  I am thinking Sliced turkey/Couple of Hard Boiled eggs/salad greens with olive oil/vinegar dressing.
Dinner:  Tonight is Taco Tuesday.  I will be eating out.  Taco salad - no shell with picante.
I can already hear you now.  Why did she eat stew for breakfast?  I made the stew yesterday, adapting the recipe to follow Whole30 rules.  I used coconut flour to dredge my stew meat, instead of wheat flour.  I used clarified butter to brown my stew meat instead of vegetable oil.  I used tomato sauce (no additives) and bone broth (home-made).  I cut up a sweet potato instead of using white.  And...I think that is it for the subs.  I also used carrots and peas.
Yes.  Peas are technically a legume, but are allowed under the Whole30 program. 
This is why you must read the book.
The meals are supposed to contain protein, fat, vegetables.  Fruit is limited to one/two servings a day.  Try to eliminate snacks by eating big enough meals.  Do not eat fruit as a snack should you find you need one.  If you need a snack make it protein and fat.  These are the two things that actually make you feel full.
I have to eat breakfast before I am allowed to have coffee because I am not a breakfast eater.  The stew was ready and willing, sitting there in the fridge.  The only requirement - heat it up!
Physically I feel pretty good today. 
Emotionally my outlook is pretty positive. 
Mentally I feel like I am a little all over the place. 
I may be a little too jazzed on the coffee.  It may also be the fact that I am really excited about the challenges that are ahead.  Could be a little anxious about the food?  You can tell for yourself that I have bounced all around here.  The blog, the blogger October: Fall challenge, and the Whole30 - all tie in.  They are intertwined and meant to be together. 
That whole butt thing is out there all on it's own. 

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