Monday, September 30, 2013

Day #30

Have you ever woke up and felt like Good Fortune was smiling down on you?


Please excuse me while I go see if caffeine will help this situation.


I was having a moment.

I almost didn't come back. 

I will tell you caffeine and good music does help.  It took a lot of caffeine to get me back to my keyboard.  I also went back and forth between in-your-face-take-that or happy-feel-good music.  I am now on my 4th cup of Cafe Verona (treat) and I am breathing normal again.  I have also learned that if you play your music loud drowns out all the other voices in your head.  There is a lot of humor here.  You will understand as I explain.  It is just funny to me how things in my life wrap themselves up in neat little packages.  Sometimes with pretty bows and ribbon.  Sometimes with twine and old newspaper.  Let me lay it all out for you.

The month of September was a challenge in blogging.  I gladly accepted the challenge and have enjoyed most of it.  I was not perfect in my execution, but heck, I wrote a lot of crap this month.  The main topic of the month:  serving.  We discussed the how's, the why's, the who's, the where's, and so on.  Plus, we covered all the touchy-feely-let's share our feelings-stuff.  It was good.  I am glad I did it.  I hope you walked away wanting to do something for someone.  I hope you stopped thinking about yourself for a moment.  I hope you get your head out of the clouds and take a look around you down here on the ground.  You know?  Where there may be people that could benefit from something you do.

Just be careful.

You see.  On this last day of September.  The last day of my blogging challenge.  The last day of contemplating the fact that serving others is good for humanity.  The very day that I intended to get out of bed and have a farewell moment with all of you.  Something ridiculously funny happened.

Have you ever stopped what your were doing in your life to help someone out?  Someone that really needs your help.  Maybe it is advice?  Maybe they have been grossly taken advantage of and they need someone they can trust to help them find a way out of their situation?  Then, while you are doing your best to lend this person a hand, they are so grateful for your help that they keep insisting that they be allowed to do something for you.

Oh no...that is not necessary.

I don't mind helping you out one bit.


It's okay.

So, the process continues, and the cycle continues, and you are doing your best to help this person to a better situation - all the while, continuing to refuse anything they are offering in return. 


It is okay.

You do not have to do anything for me at all.

I won't hear of it.

The thing is...this is the kind of person that will be forever indebted to you.  I mean, a friend for life.  The kind of friend that would go into battle with you and not even ask what the war is about.  I am talking Life Long here.

I stayed up late last night.  Really late.  Nothing critical - just not ready to go to bed.  I awoke to the sound of a truck in my driveway.  I jumped up and looked out my window to find my new-found friend unloading something really large.  I grabbed a jacket and some rubber boots and went outside.  By the time I got outside...It was already unloaded.

Take yourself to a time and a place when you were given a gift that you did not want or need.  Something so horrendous that every thought-word-action following the presentation was so fake it made even you sick.  You know what I am talking about?



That is something.

I can't say that I have ever seen anything like it before.

How did you know?

Where did you find it?


I couldn't.

This is just too much.

This is what happened to me...before coffee.

I hope I was gracious.

I accepted my gift.

I was thankful.

I am glad that I have done what I could for this individual.

I will keep trying to help out my new friend.

I do consider him a friend.

He is very sweet.


I will need a truck and another good friend to haul this thing out of here.

And, I believe that I will have to pay extra at the city dump or they won't take it.

If I can leave you with another thought on Serving:  Funny!  It can be real funny!

Please excuse me?  I have to figure out where to hide this thing.  Or, how to explain to the Man in Charge what has happened before he gets home and has a heart attack in the driveway!

On second thought...maybe I will just wait and see what happens. 

This could be a gift that keeps on giving.


I know.



Demented. entertainment.

P.S.  In a weird, cross-eyed, grossly-miscommunicated way, the gift I was given today is exactly what I asked for.
That is the thing about words.  They are weird little boogers that can totally come back and bite you in the behind if you're not watching.

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