Friday, October 11, 2013


I haven't written because I've been mowing.   Mowed over a snake yesterday.  Still picked up my feet and screamed. 

Silly, I know.

Can't help it.

Now I am tackling the creek.

I feel good when I look back.

Looking ahead is intimidating.
I think I will just look down.
Especially since I am standing in ants.
Ants that are making their way up my boot and inside my pants.
Gotta Go! 
P.S.  I got the ants off me.  Then I ate lunch.  Then, when I really wanted to go take a nap instead of heading back out to the creek, I turned on the computer.  That is were I found the latest post on my Part-Timers blog.  Yes.  You heard me.  My Part-Timer has started writing a blog.  She just got it up and running a couple of days ago, and you should go check it out.  She said some nice things about me today.  Totally ruined the nap that I wanted to go take.  Now I feel like I have to get up and get back at it.  Add her to your list.  You can find her, and a few other new blogs that I am following in the blog list on the right side-bar - or -  Just to go straight to her, click HERE!

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  1. I'm glad my admiration could inspire you to keep pushing :-)