Sunday, September 1, 2013

What do you do when...

You are in a rut?

You are in a funk?

You can't get your act together?

You are totally bailing on all of your priorities?

You are in a slump and you can't get up?

You feel like...a loser?

Okay - Maybe the last one is a bit dramatic?


You could go into hiding, eat cheeseburgers, drink sweet tea, read a book a day, and gain back 15 of the 25 lbs. that you've lost over the last year, but I wouldn't recommend it.  That 15 lbs. is going to be super depressing, and all of that bread and sugar is going to make you feel like extra special poo.

trust me on this one.

You could pretend like none of it ever happened.  You know, just put your head in the sand and act like nothing has changed.

good luck with this one.

You could go out with your friends and pretend like everything is okay.

this only works while you are out.  when you come back - so does reality, along with a healthy dose of guilt.

You could give it a half dozen, half-hearted attempts at recovering, only to slip right back down and be even more depressed.

i have been at this for the last few weeks, and it is sad and frustrating and there is that guilt thing again.

Or - You could do something totally unexpected.  Something you would never normally consider. 

you could accept a challenge.

This totally makes sense.  You know, because you are already buried under the things you have been ignoring for the last two months.  So what better thing to do than to add something else on top of it.  It sounds like a marvelous idea, and it is exactly what I plan on doing.

I have accepted a blogging challenge for the month of September. 


From who?  BlogHer and NaBloPoMo.

Who is that?  BlogHer is awesome and you should check them out  NaBloPoMo is National Blog Posting Month and it is a great concept.

What is the challenge?  To write something every day for the entire month.

What is the theme?  Serve.

When?  Now - the entire month of September.

How does this make sense?  This is an awesome topic on so many different levels.  In my opinion, the best thing to do when you get sick of yourself - think of someone else. 

So, to hopefully help myself get out of the funk I am in, I am going to concentrate on you.  I know you are already feeling extra special, and if I know some of you, you are very worried.

The rules seem to be pretty simple.  Write something every day.  They are giving me topics for the week days.  I am free to write about said topics, or just throw their idea out the window and pick one of my own, and weekends are my choice.

I am going to apologize now.  This may be a little too much for my brain to handle, but here we go!


  1. Good luck on your challenge. I have been signing up for a few months and do not write everyday, but I do what I can.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement...Good Luck as well!