Thursday, August 29, 2013

Random thing #4

I know there are times when you think I am crazy.

I am posting this today so that you know there are times when even I think I am crazy.

It is 100 plus degrees outside.  I should have mowed the lawn, but decided it was too hot.  It is not like I haven't been out in the heat before, but today, I am not feeling it.  So, to not feel guilty, I decided to work out.  I spent some time on the Internet, and then found the perfect solution.  I am posting it below.  I do not own kettle bells, which is probably a good thing, but I do have dumb bells.  I did not use the 25 pounders like this chick did, but I managed 8's and 10's...only 20 reps each exercise and three rounds total.  My left arm, my weaker arm, is twitching right now.

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