Sunday, September 8, 2013

Challenge Day #8 and Random thing #5

I don't want to be jiggly.

Is it okay to say that out loud? 

I've been jiggly. 

I don't like it. 

In June, of last year, I found something that really worked for me in regard to getting rid of the jiggles.  Paleo.  I am not going to go into the how and why, just know that I tried a number of things, and this is the thing that worked for me.  I lost weight.  I gained energy.  I did not feel like I was starving myself.  These are all very important things.

I have to give all the credit to my all-time-favorite cousin.  She used to write a blog, I heart groceries, until she changed her eating habits and decided she had other things to do, like feeling great and living her life.  She has been very key in my success.  She has spent hours answering endless questions and replying to rambling emails and text messages.  I love her for that, and for many other reasons.  She is patient.  I need patient. 

Thanks, chick!

For all your help and for all you do.

You can Google Paleo for yourself and read all about it.  Me personally, I don't know if I buy into the whole mantra of the thing, for me, it is just eating clean food.  Not processed.  Meat products that are from animals that are responsibly raised.  Cutting out the carbohydrates and seriously knocking out the sugar.  Again, not going to get into a lot of the details about the diet, but at the end of this post, I will leave you a list of books that really helped me get an understanding on things.  If you read them, please share your experiences.  I would love to hear about it.

How did we get here?

Jiggly - remember?

Before I got really serious about cutting sugar out of my life, I drank a lot of coffee.  A lot of coffee with a lot of sugar and creamer and more sugar and topped off with a little more sugar.  So, to give up sugar left me with quite a dilemma when it came to my morning cup of joe.  I need my coffee.  I just do.  Then I saw something on another Blog. 

Yes, I am a blog reader also.

You may have heard of a little lady living in the Oklahoma area, Pioneer Woman.  She blogs.  She blogs about her family and about cooking.  Girl can definitely cook some things that will make you jiggly.  They are good, but then you have the jiggly thing.  She talks about jiggling herself.  I have cooked a lot of her recipes in the past, but then found it best to adapt them to the less-jiggly side of things.  As unlikely as it seams, she provided me with a solution for my coffee habit.  I will let you look at her version before we continue.  Go ahead.  Click the link below, I'll wait here.

The Pioneer Woman - Perfect Iced Coffee

Okay, so after re-reading the above blog post, I realized that I do not follow directions well.  Not at all!

As you saw yourself, she used one pound of coffee for two gallons of water. 


I use one pound of coffee for about 5 quarts of water. 

No wonder I get so many things accomplished when I have my iced coffee.

I did say that I adapted the recipe. 

Again, I use one pound of coffee for 5 quarts of water.  To make things easier, I just put the coffee in a cheese cloth and tie it up.  Then I submerge it into my water.  This makes the last step so much easier.  Just pull out the cheese cloth with the grounds inside and toss them.  Then refrigerate what you have left.  Except this time, I cut the coffee and water in half and let the stuff sit in the refrigerator overnight.  The next morning, I tossed the grounds and my coffee was already cold. 


I can't believe it took me so long to come up with that one.

The next change comes when it is time to consume it.  For one, we don't call it iced coffee.  We call it Brew.  Full-timer often refers to it as Creek Water.  After the ice melts a little, it looks like creek water.  We start with a full glass of ice.  Then we add half to two-thirds Brew, and top with milk.  We use either 2% or Whole milk.  No sweetener.  The next step involves a straw and a brain freeze.

It's hot here.

Cool things are refreshing.

Then you better hang on. 

Things will happen.



Either way - there is no stopping it.

I know it seems a little late in the year to share such things, but I have been really dumb for the last month and a half.  You see, I ran out of Brew about mid-July, and I never made another batch.


I don't know.

I have been drinking coffee and adding sugar.  Sugar on a reduced level, but still adding sugar. 

The problem:  When I start my day with a little sugar, I need a little sugar all day long. 

You know what I mean?

So, in protest of the fifteen pounds I gained back. In protest of the large number of cheeseburgers I have consumed.  In protest of the slump that I have been in...I made a batch of Brew. 

I am such an idiot.

Why have I done this to myself?

What was I thinking?

Depriving myself of this life-saving necessity?

I have finally managed to accomplish a few things around here.  I mowed the yard.  I hauled in fifty bales of hay and stacked and stored them in the hay barn.  I cooked.

Crazy, right?

Make a batch of Brew...consume cautiously.

Here are the books I mentioned earlier. 

I think I have proven that you should read things for yourself and not take my word for it.

The Paleo Solution

The Paleo Answer

The Fat Loss Bible

Digestive Health with REAL Food

The Great Cholesterol Con

Wheat Belly

Cholesterol Clarity

the 30 Day Guide to Paleo Cooking

All of the above are available at Amazon.

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