Thursday, August 8, 2013

What the...?

What happened?

I think I was abducted by aliens.  The last things that I can recall...very bright lights, a large unidentified flying object?  Possibly it hovered over me.  I can't really remember.  Things are very fuzzy, but they must have tapped my brain and sucked it from my skull.  I have no recollection of where they took me or what happened.  Not to mention, I have been feeling a little light-headed lately.


I don't know what I was thinking?  Of course there are no aliens running around...

I was actually kidnapped by Poncho Villa and taken to Mexico.  He was awful.  He made me, against my will, sit on a beach for 23 days straight.  Each day I was forced to repeat the phrase, "Uno mas cerveza, por favor."  I was so sunburned, I finally broke and begged for mercy.  I was not released until I spilled all the family secrets.  My family was then paid to come and get me.



Someone is at the door. 

I will be back.

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