Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Random things #1

Since I have been MIA for the last month and a half, it is going to take a good while to get caught up.  Caught up on you.  Caught up on all the things I have been neglecting.  Caught up on all the new projects that I have postponed.  There is just going to be a lot of catching up.  So, to keep you in the loop, I am going to start a new segment guessed it...random things.

Welcome to my world!

Here is something very random for all you music lovers out there.  I know the new thing is to download your favorite songs.  Whether you love I-Tunes or what have you, I want to let you know that you are being cheated.  I don't download.  I prefer to buy Cd's.  It is getting harder and harder to buy Cd's because no one wants to carry them these days.  Gone are the days of the big music stores.  Especially if you are looking for something that is not mainstream.  You can pretty much forget about it.  Anyway, I go through periods of music buying.  I then put said music on my computer, transfer it to my phone and listen while I work.  Sort of like the dwarfs on Snow White - much better to whistle while you work - although I can't whistle, but that is another story for another day.  My point is that most of us hear a song on the radio.  Then you do one of two things. 

1.  Download said song and enjoy.

2.  Track down and purchase the CD.

The cheating comes with the limited music the radio stations play.  You hear a song.  You like.  You download.  If you choose option #2, you hear a song.  You buy the Cd.  You listen to all the songs.  Then, quite possibly you hear a slew of songs that will never make it to radio that are completely and totally awesome!  You would never know about these songs if you just followed along with the crowd.  I know, I know, I can hear some of you grumbling out there because you have bought Cd's in the past and end up only liking one or two songs and the rest is a waste of money.  I get it, but such is life, and life, at times, is a gamble.  Most music you have to give a chance.  Listen to it a few times, then make your judgements.

Case in point - the new Gary Allen Cd - totally could have seen him in concert this summer and we missed it, but who knew?  Anyway, love the whole Cd.  I have been listening to it while doing one of my favorite things...running the weed eater! 

Good times, let me tell you

Found a few songs that are fast becoming favorites and have shared a few with my Full-Timer.  Even she sees the error of her generations ways when it comes to downloading music.  So, for listening to me rant, and for the sake of saying you tried something new, I am posting a YouTube video.  Now this is where it gets confusing.  This is nothing that you have heard out of Gary Allen before.  It doesn't even sound like him.  To make it even more confusing, when you watch the video, you will notice it is not him.  It is a young guy just playing his song. 

Why would I post a song of another guy singing a Gary Allen song that I love so much?  This one is for the Full-Timer.  She found this on YouTube and thinks the young man is quite cute.  He doesn't sound bad.  So, for her entertainment I am giving him some face time here. 


And get your butt out there and buy some Cd's!

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