Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Sincerest Apologies

Okay.  Apparently some of you don't have the sense of humor that I thought you had.  It was just a little joke.  No harm.  No foul.  You should all know that the moment I hit "Publish", I knew that I would pay for this in some way.  You see, it is just how things work.  So do not think for one second that I am not aware that there will be a time when I will pay for my prank.  Hopefully it won't be by falling out of the attic, but it will happen, and I will know.

It was so worth it.

Nothing too exciting happening around here lately.  Just cold.  Really cold.  So cold that I have fallen in love with my coveralls all over again.  I don't know how I ever survived without them.  They even make them for women now.  Sort of funny, but all that means is a little area gathered in the back at the waist that makes it look like you are a little less square.  I say, "Whatever!"  They work.  So most of my days and nights have been spent pulling them on and going outside.  Then, coming back in and pulling them off.  I am sure I am burning a number of calories in this exercise, but I have no way of calculating the amount.  

Taking care of animals in the cold is always fun.   We feed them.  Then clean up after them.  Haul warm water, because it's the least I can do.  A regular schedule of events that seem to be working because the chickens are well.  The egg numbers are back up, and the little ones are not so little.  The rabbits in the yard are multiplying everyday.  The horses are a little frustrated with the lack of running around, but over all doing well. The bird feeders have been covered with a variety of birds, and the cat has been moving back and forth from the barn to the house.  That leaves the bees, and I hope to check on them tomorrow.

Between all of those chores, I have been trying to keep everything cleaned up from all the running in and out, and still taking care of the dog.  My lovely dog.  She is still progressing nicely, but the cold weather is making her feel a little more hyper than she should.  She can not understand why I won't let her run and play when it snows.  It's not like it snows around here all the time.  It has made me miss the days of just opening the door and letting them out to do their business.  Standing inside where it is warm and opening the door to let them back in when they are done.  Even with coveralls, it is not fun wondering around the yard at the other end of a leash trying to find the perfect spot.  Seems to me if it is below freezing and the wind is cruising, the logical place to go is the south side of the house.  

No, that is not true.  

The more I try to figure out this part of my dog's behavior, the more I realize that when it comes to finding the perfect place in the yard to poop...I know nothing.  

So you see...I digress. 

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