Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day One...

Okay Kids ~ Get ready!

Just wanted to update you on my going it alone.  As you may have read yesterday, this new year they have officially all bailed on me.  Some were sure that I would be curled up in the fetal position hiding in bed all day.  Some were even more convinced that I would be moping around desperately depressed.  And then there were those of you that were certain I would spend some time in the Emergency Room.


For the record, my Full-Timer has never prevented me from injuring myself.  She has at times been present, but that didn't help me one way or the other.  The major benefit, as I see it, to having her witness my stupidity is that she is my witness when I have to explain myself to the Man in Charge.  Most of the time, I give my side of the story.  Then, he gets her alone, and drills her on her side of the story.  Maybe he believes us, maybe not?  On my own, not so sure how this is going to go.  Some things are just too hard to convince anyone.

Now that we got that cleared up.

So, I started out with a new list.  Yes, you always have to have one of those.  Mostly my day was spent doing back-breaking work.  I can say that because when I finished my back hurt...and both wrists...and, oddly, my right thumb?  The day's list included cleaning the chicken barn and rearranging the furniture out there.  This consisted of putting 5 loads of nasty bedding into the compost.  Which consisted of layering 12 totes of coffee grounds, citrus, and other compost items from a local restaurant.  There was a lot of heavy lifting involved in yesterday.  There was also a lot of scooping and shoveling.  Then there was the chasing around of mean chickens.

You heard me.

Have I mentioned that we have 18 new additions to the flock?  They aren't actually new.  I am thinking they are about four months old.  Can't really remember exactly when I got them?  I'll have to look that up.  When I ask if I have mentioned it, it is because I really don't remember.  Anyway, these girls are big enough that they have moved out into their own suite in the chicken barn.  They are doing great out there, but on cleaning day I decided to let everyone out to run around.  For the most part, this went well.  The little ones won't go out-out.  They stand at the door and maybe take a few steps out, but then turn and run back in.  They did venture into the rest of the coop that they have been prevented from exploring.  This made for a long introduction to the big girls.

Most of the big girls were out enjoying their day, but there were a few that decided to stay in and bully the freshman.  I try to be a fair employer, and I don't want to begrudge anyone their seniority because they have earned it.  I do have my limits when it comes to being plain mean, and some were taking liberties where they shouldn't.

Walk by a little chicken, peck her on the head, let her know you are the big chick.  Okay.

Pin little chickens in the corner and continually yank out feathers.  I will show you the big chick.  

The interruptions sort of drug the chore out, but I really was grateful for the breaks.  Interesting that running is a break from back-breaking.  That statement should be analyzed by a professional.

I didn't make it inside until about 4:30, and still had a mile long list of chores to do there.  I am glad to report...no injuries so far.  Didn't even tweak an ankle skipping around, singing my own tune.  Just checked the list for today, and I don't see any power tools in my future.

The thing is...everything is subject to change.

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